The greenhouse is a go!

It is November and the greenhouse is becoming real!  I can’t believe it and I can’t wait for it to be done. 

We have lots of plans for it and I have already started ordering seeds.  I found a new company, Pinetree Seeds,  that seems to be reasonable in price and also seems to have a good variety.  I have ordered almost all of their lettuce varieties.  I am really anxious to start Tyee spinach because I have read it is a good variety for greenhouses. 

I know we are late on construction, but I still think I can start the spinach, lettuce and herbs as soon as we get the greenhouse roughed in.  I am also going to figure out a way to start radishes and spinach.

I am so excited about this venture and I think it will be the beginning.  Keep watching for progress!

November 2009

It is just a start.

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