Red Malabar Spinach

We love spinach but it always seems like just when we start harvesting basketfuls for salads, the temperature rises and it begins to bolt.  On our last trip to Seed Savers, we were really happy to find a spinach that was suppose to be truly heat tolerant.

As we have had five days of over 100 degree temperatures, I can safely say it is truly a heat loving plant. 

Red Malabar Spinach originates from India and it is really not a true spinach.  I haven’t decided if I like the taste of it or not.  It is suppose to have a mild flavor, but I find it a bit bitter.  The texture is different as well.  But, I really love the look of it in the garden.

I hope you can see the deep red stems and how it is vining up the trellis.  I swear it grows six inches a day.

So far, I have just been mixing it in with other greens for salads and I have sauted it with a bit of garlic in olive oil.

I would LOVE other suggestions, because it looks like I will have basketfuls of this green all summer long.

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