Saving my Bougainvillea

Two years ago, I bought a bouganvillea on sale at the end of the season.  I was able to keep it looking halfway decent through the winter—until last year.  As I had all of the delicate plants in the garage, waiting for the greenhouse to be finished, I neglected it.  Not only did it not get enough water, but it lacked adequate light and heat.  By the time I moved it to the finished greenhouse, it was just a few leafless twigs. 

Well, I am not one to easily give up on a plant.  I continued to water it and early this spring, it started sprouting a few new leaves.  It continued to rehabilitate itself until it was three times its sorry winter size.  But, it refused to bloom. 

Luckily, I visited a favorite shop, The Garden Trug,where I was admiring all the profusely blooming bougainvilleas.  They shared with me their secret:  a fast and long lasting fertilizer called NutriStar.    This stuff is remarkable.  I have used it all summer, probably once a month or so.


I would recommend this in a heartbeat and I am going to start fertilizing our passion vine as well.

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