More garden late comers…

With a dry late summer, then a period of rain, and now Indian Summer, our plants are wondering, “What the heck?”

One of my Aristocrat ornamental pear trees bloomed in late September as did both of my Jane Magnolias.  The magnolias bloom in early spring with beautiful and delicate hot pink and purple flowers.  When they bloomed again this fall, the flowers were pure white!  Then, I was strolling through our new “vineyard” and I found grapes.  (OK, I have to stop here to explain:  our “vineyard” consists of four newly planted varieties and I only found one bunch of grapes.)

So, I love this current mild weather, but I hope the grapes and watermelons have enough time to ripen before snowfall!  (I know I should clip off these grapes, but I can’t bear to cut them off the vine. )

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