Pickling Watermelon Rind

Well, while we were digging the footing for the new garden, we may have disturbed the roots of one of our Moon and Stars.  It was a woeful time when we went on a garden tour and found that one of our plants had totally died.  What remained were some not too ripe watermelons.  We broke into one and it was edible; it just wasn’t the sweetest.  So, not wanting to waste (and spurred on by my husband’s remembrance of his grandmother’s pickles) I set out to make watermelon rind pickles. 

I had been researching it a bit and the only recipes I found required a three day process. 

Luckily as I was trolling through some other food blogs, I found a watermelon pickle recipe at My  Barbarian Table.   (Love this blog!)

I followed her direction and made one quart with juniper berries and dill and one with black peppercorns and a dried chili pepper (to her serranos). 

Watermelon pickles

I can’t wait to try them!  (This recipe actually made almost three quarts.)

Watermelon on FoodistaWatermelon

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