Dinner from the Garden in November

So far, we haven’t had a frost and the Rainbow Chard is huge. 

Rainbow Chard and Silver Beet

I was surprised that it wasn’t bitter yet.  I have some Silver Beet planted as well and it is finally taking hold.

I decided to challenge myself this week by not going to the store for dinner preparations.  So, if it is not in the freezer or pantry, we aren’t eating it this week.

So far we have defrosted Caprese Eggplant Bake and last night I decided to use the frozen broth from my Asian Pulled Pork

A few of the ingredients---fresh chard, dried mushrooms, and Chinese noodles.

I had about two cups of the broth, added about a cup and a half of water, and another cup of chicken stock.  I brought this all to a boil, added two bundles of Chinese noodles and let it boil for three minutes.  I added two big handfuls of Rainbow chard and let it blanch in the broth for a few minutes.  I threw in some Shiitake mushrooms and garnished each bowl with chopped green onions (also from the garden).

Difficult to eat with chop sticks, but really tasty on a breezy night.

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