The aftermath…

Actually, unless you count eating too much (which is normal) there was not aftermath to our turkey day.  Everything on the menu went fairly well.  The mashed potatoes were a bit stiff and gummy, but the taste was good.  The riesling gravy was the best ever.  (For recipes and links, see the last post.)

The grape pickles were the biggest hit on the relish tray.  My sister-in-law swore they tasted like brined olives, but I really didn’t get that at all.

Relish tray

Pickled grapes, dilled wax beans, and pickled carrots.

The sweet potatoes were my favorite thing.  I doubled the recipe for sweet potato ravioli and topped the dish with roasted hazelnuts.  But, what was even more luscious was the soup I made the next day to accompany turkey sandwiches.  I placed the leftover sweet potatoes in a sauce pan, whisked in the remainder of the Half-and-Half leftover from the mashed potatoes recipe, and splashed in a little Riesling leftover from the gravy.  The soup may have been better than the original dish.

Sweet potato soup.

Soup from the leftovers.

We had a great time hosting the family.  Our nieces and their granny foraged through the yard and made two spectacular fall bouquets from late roses that had escaped the frosts and dried leaves.  They were beautiful. 

We were extremely thankful that we were able to have most of the family at our home to share a meal. 

I hope you all were able to sup with family and friends and reflect on your many blessings as well.

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