Easy appetizers for a holiday party.

We recently found our new favorite Italian restaurant.  It seems authentic as everyone was speaking Italian (everyone that is except us).  We had the best bruschetta there:  Bruschetta di Capra (crostini with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese).  This simple appetizer was “to die for.” 

Bruschetta with Goat Cheese and Dried Tomatoes (or Bruschetta di Capra if you want to be fancier)

1 baguette
4 oz. goat cheese
julienned dried tomatoes

Slice bread thin and toast in oven under broiler.  When toasted, spread with goat cheese and top with a few slices of dried tomatoes.

Quick and super easy appetizer for your holiday party.

This recipe is rustic and and simple and delicious.  Enjoy the season!
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