Fairy Gardens

To grace our patio, I have made fairy gardens every summer for the past few years.  I found a $15 dining chair at an architectural salvage store and created this one.We created a potting space by stapling and forming chicken wire to the seat and then lining it with sphagnum moss.  I have planted everything from herbs, Scotch moss, to this year’s potpourri of elfin thyme, culinary thyme, moss roses and stonecrop.

One of my favorite garden and gift shops, The Garden Trug, also has a fairy garden section.  They are even hosting fairy garden parties for kids.  (What a great birthday party idea!)  The last time I was there, I bought enough for the godchildren to start their own fairy garden in their yard.    When I receive pics from them, I will have to post their version.

Remember to always have a bit of whimsy in your garden.  It helps with the minor pitfalls that always come with gardening.  When the squash bugs have killed all the zucchini, just remember that the fairy garden still looks good!

(I have one more chair that I obtained dumpster diving that will make a great one!)

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