The Best Fairy Garden Ever!

We traveled  on a multi-state odyssey recently.  From home to St. Louis to Chicago to Decorah to KC (not necessarily in that order),  we finally ended up at family.  The final leg of our trip was spent with my sister and her family in northern Iowa.  I had not talked to my nephew about fairy gardens and he had not seen my recent creation yet.  But, great minds obviously think alike.

I was surprised and impressed when he told me he had built his own garden.

Part of his expansive fairy garden.

You can see the dry river bed he made as well.

He even made a tepee.

I love his "hobbit" hovel. He constructed it from grape vines, copper wire, mulch, soil, and shells. I hate to be the biased aunt, but he is exceptional! 🙂

I have promised to bring him a gnome for his garden and some “glow in the dark” rocks I found at The Garden Trug.  (See yesterday’s post for more information and for my meager fairy garden!)

So, will he become a city planner, a landscape designer, an ecologist, or a botanist?    Time will tell!

(More about our multi-state adventures soon.)


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