Coffee Rubbed Flank Steak


I found a lonely flank steak in the bottom of the freezer.    I needed something quick for dinner so I thought I would come up with a cool spicy rub and throw it on the grill.

Recently, I highlighted using the tiny little packets of micro-ground coffee from Starbucks in another post this week.  I love using these little packs and substitute them in whenever a recipe calls for espresso or coffee.

Lil' pack o' caffeine.

Having read about coffee rubs for meats and being intrigued,  I decided to give it a try on this flank steak.

Here is what I threw together:

Coffee-Paprika Rub

1 pkg. Starbuck Via
2 t. smoked paprika
1 t. fine sea salt

Combine coffee, paprika and salt.

Spice rub.

Rub flank steak and grill or fry in a hot skillet.

Sizzle, sizzle!

I ended up frying the steak because it was too late to get the grill going when we finally had time to throw together dinner.    Heat up a cast iron skillet, throw in a bit of olive oil, cook about 3-4 minutes on each side.

Having some more peppers fresh-picked from the garden, I decided to throw some peppers (both purple bells and a couple of jalapenos) with some onions to saute.

Fresh peppers.

These smelled great.

Let the meat rest while veggies are cooking.

Slice steak and serve.

Dinner is served.

Leftovers, yes!   I will use the leftovers for quesadillas or salads.


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