Hot Sauce (DIY)

With all the peppers, I started making hot sauce again.

2013-10-12 09.49.46

Jalapenos and Santa Fe peppers.

I have four or five varieties of jalapenos—Tam (a mild one), Mammoth, and just regular old hot ones.  I also picked up a Santa Fe pepper plant.   The Santa Fe variety is also called Guero and can be picked in the yellow, orange, or red stages. They are suppose to be slightly hot and mildly sweet.   Mine are mostly HOT!  🙂

I have three batches of hot sauce going at the moment—a red one from red jalapenos and orange Santa Fe peppers, a green one from green jalapenos, and a yellow one from yellow Santa Fe peppers.    They are mellowing now on the cabinet.


I am assuming these will have varying levels of heat.

I love the colors and hope that they will be this vibrant after the sauce is strained into bottles.

For the directions and original recipe, you can visit my post from last year on Making Your Own Hot Sauce.


Abigail, we took the godchildren to the zoo a couple of weekends ago.   I promised some pictures from that trip.   My camera pooped out but I got a couple of pictures of my favorites:

2013-09-21 14.12.37

A Fairy Bluebird.

These beautiful birds can be found in tropical southern Asia and the Philippines.

Hugs and giggles!

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