Santa Fe: Wanderings and Musings

This video features Samantha Crain, an Oklahoma singer/songwriter.  We saw her open for Pokey LaFarge at Cain’s last year.   I loved this song and bought the album.   (Pretty sure they filmed part of this at Kowboyz.) This song sums up my feelings when we travel to Santa Fe: wanderings and longings.   Although I traveled solo this time around (see Tuesday’s post), I was able to sate my wanderlust for a bit.

O'KEEFE 1944 H-D

Georgia O’Keeffe Hitching a Ride to Abiquiu, 1944 (photo by Maria Chabot)

I think that Georgia O’Keeffe exemplified this wanderlust that New Mexico inspires.  (I want to be just like her….hitching a ride on a Harley when I am almost sixty and building a dream home in an enchanted land.)  I can’t go to Santa Fe without visiting The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and what I see inside always inspires me.

2014-06-16 13.32.33I was most anxious to see the Abiquiu Views exhibit.   Although we have been to Taos and Santa Fe and Albuquerque, we have never visited the true O’Keeffe country.   (That my friends, is our next trip.)   This exhibit was extraordinary and I was most taken with the details of her Abiquiu  home.

2014-06-16 13.07.06

These are her books from her home in Abiquiu.  Notice all the cookbooks. There are a some gardening books as well.

It took O’Keeffe more than a decade to secure her house, restore it and have the gardens planted to her specifications.

2014-06-16 13.05.41

Here is her garden plan. I want this garden!

Her gardens at Abiquiu  have been restored and a local high school is aiding in the upkeep.  How wonderful!

The other exhibit featured one of O’Keeffe’s trips to Hawaii in 1939.   (Talk about wanderlust.)   Dole paid for the trip and she was commissioned to do at least one painting for them to feature in advertising.  (Read more about that here.)

As for my wanderings around Santa Fe, I will leave you with a few more photos.

2014-06-19 13.06.20

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

2014-06-18 18.21.54

A view from above.

2014-06-18 16.59.51

Down an alley.

2014-06-18 15.55.02

Poppies at the New Mexico Museum of Art courtyard.

2014-06-18 15.47.44


2014-06-18 15.47.25

Street art

2014-06-18 12.44.58

Painted shadows

2014-06-18 12.44.25

Clouds and sky from the sculpture garden at New Mexico Museum of Art

2014-06-18 12.30.46

Hollyhocks in courtyard

2014-06-17 16.30.26

Chairs in sculpture garden at NM Museum of Art. (I want these in my garden.)

2014-06-16 13.41.25

Rose garden

2014-06-16 13.42.45 (1)

More of those great NM hollyhocks

Just two more artsy-fartsy suggestions for you.

The New Mexico Museum of Art is another gem.  I had never visited and I skipped out of the banquet-style lunch one day during training to make a very quick perusal through.   They were kind enough to let me return at 4:00 (with the same ticket) to finish my tour.   I was most taken with the Judy Chicago exhibit.

I stumbled upon Pop Gallery on my way to La Boca.   This was a cool find as well.  Had fun chatting with one of the owners and I am still smiling remember some of the art work here.   Great place!

Please know, readers, that I completed my training and I did not skip out on any sessions (although it was hard at times).

We really are planning a trip to O’Keeffe country this fall.  Can’t wait!

And, as you wander on this Fourth, please stay safe!   Happy Independence Day!



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  • Beautiful photos! I’d take those chairs, too!!!

  • I love love love those chairs! Have a happy 4th!

  • Mae

    O’Keeffee’s bookshelf is a wonderful photo! She must have really been a Julia Child fan. I’ve loved Santa Fe and its museums and art galleries every time I’ve had the opportunity to visit there.

    • Yes. I think she must have enjoyed French cooking because I recall at least one more French cookbook. SF is an artsy destination!

  • My parents and sisters have raved about Santa Fe…and you’ve confirmed that it’s a place I MUST visit!

  • Another great post on Santa Fe! Love your photos! I guess I didn’t realize just how GREAT of an O’Keefe fan you were. So yes, you DEFINITELY need to spend some time in O’Keefe country and Ghost Ranch. I personally wouldn’t recommend staying at Ghost Ranch because the accommodations are thin, but it’s a beautiful place to hang out and spend time. Enjoyed the post Debra!

    • Yeah, I’m kind of an O’Keeffe fanatic. I knew that Ghost Ranch was more of a dorm setting and although I want to visit, I don’t want to stay there. A friend of mine is dying to go to take classes there. Thanks again, M.J., for the NM info!

  • What a delightful trip you had, so much beautiful inspiration. I want to go!

  • Great photos! I want to go there someday. Glad you had a wonderful 4th. :):)

  • And you thought you were doing this trip solo, Debra. We get to tag along with you sharing these amazing photos. Of course, I LOVE the cokbook shelf. I noticed a hard copy of Silent Spring on the shelf. Boy, I would love a hard copy of Silent Spring. I only have a paperback:) And goodness, those chairs are way cool! Let me know if you figure out how to make them:) I think my favorite image is the one from above. I always think of Santa Fe as being so “brown.” Love the greenery!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Debra…

    • I just went back and enlarge the photo enough to read some of the other titles. Lots of herb books, too. I would hasten to guess that there might be a few first editions there.