“Here’s something you can blog about, Aunt Deb…”

If you’re one of EE’s many fans (sarcasm), you might know that my blog was outed a while back by my youngest nephew.  (Click here for more details.)

Both of our nephews are foodies (in fact the entire family is), but the 5th grader seems most fascinated with my blog (however, I haven’t had any comments from him lately…what’s up with that, Crazy Dog?)

This is a photo of him 6 years ago with a GIANT tomato grown in Gran’s garden.

Anywhoo, I received an email from him that I have to share in it’s entirety:

Dad just made up this recipe on the spot…. don’t ask me HOW he did it, but he somehow did. He says he can give you a recipe to put on your food blog. I would talk to him about that :). I have a locker in school (finally!), and thanks for the school supplies. I really like the pencil holder and the chocolate filled graham crackers. I will send you the honeycomb later we salvaged from our hive. (Again, finally!). Our bees died :(.

(Sorry about the bees.  That makes me sad.)

He graciously sent me photos of this delicious meal for our vicarious enjoyment.

Photo credit: Crazy Dog

“What should we entitled it?” I emailed him back.

Photo Credit: Crazy Dog

“Not sure, but I will ask Dad if he has a name” was the reply followed promptly by “Shrimp Dinner….with Cream.”

Photo Credit: Crazy Dog

I’m still awaiting the recipe, guys.



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