March 2019 “In My Kitchen”

You might recall from February’s IMK post that we were embarking on a remodeling project.   We contracted out the vast majority of the remodel but we still like to do a few things ourselves.  During this reno adventure while The Hubs was doing electrical work in one of the back rooms and I was rewarming my morning tea in the microwave, I heard a loud BUZZ and a ZAP.   I ran to the back to make sure he was okay.

He was fine.   But, I realized my microwave was not.   It was simply a coincidence that he was messing with our electricity as our ancient microwave gave out.  After twenty years, it had died.   (It was the sole remaining original appliance in the kitchen.)   🙁

The poor thing served us well.  It was an expensive model as I recall (back in the day) and was a combination microwave-convection oven.  I really wanted to replace it with a more modern version.  Good grief!   There were virtually only two combo models to choose from and they were outrageously priced.  $$$$$

Instead, we visited a scratch and dent warehouse sale and got a very nice GE Profile microwave for about a third of the original cost!  Score!

Truly sucky picture but I love my new microwave.

As for the remodeling project, most of the painting is done, the wood floors are finished (except for one spot that they need to come back to refine), and we mostly have the furniture moved back in.

It was a process but I am so glad we did this!

What else has been going on?

There’s a large private school in our area that hosts a book fair every year.  It’s a popular place and we are always prepared to stand in line but the quality and quantity of books is amazing as are the prices.

We trucked out of there with five large shopping bags full.  I scored an ancient set of Gourmet Cookbooks and one more Junior League book to add to my collection.

These books are almost like new.  In fact, there was still the original pamphlet inside along with a mail in certificate for a free subscription to the magazine, a $2.50 value!!!  Ha.!

When purchasing old and used books, there’s often treasure like the above ancient pamphlets and gift certificate.

There’s also sometimes cryptic inscriptions, notes, and letters.  Here’s what I found in the front page of Volume I.

First of all, I am pretty positive this is not the signature of THE Judy Garland.  (She died in 1969.)  But secondly, what in the world does the quote mean?  Were the cookbooks meant as a peace offering?  A way to get back together?  I will probably never know.

I have always wanted this Junior League cookbook from a nearby city.  I got it for two bucks!

Taste of the Territory is from Bartlesville, OK.

taproot was a spontaneous buy in the check out line.  The essays are very interesting and I found a couple of good recipes in its pages.   There is no advertising in this publication which is quite unusual but refreshing.  Besides recipes, you’ll find some crafting ideas including knitting and crocheting.

“In My Kitchen” is hosted by Sherry at Sherry’s Pickings.   I have been very remiss and have not visited all of last month’s link ups.  I’m off to do that now before the April IMKs get posted!

“In My Kitchen” is a great way to step into another’s kitchen and live vicariously with their finds, recipes, and treasures.


14 comments to March 2019 “In My Kitchen”

  • I love that ancient set of Gourmet Cookbooks! Do you have time to read all the books in your book shelf?

  • Mae

    I’m really impressed by your husband’s DIY skills! I had a convection-microwave a little earlier than yours, and it lasted maybe 14 years. I didn’t really use the convection setting so I didn’t bother trying to replace it with a similar model. Lucky you to have such a good book fair!

    best… mae at

    • I only used the convection setting on the holidays when we had to have two ovens going. This new microwave (only) is much larger than my old one. It’s working well.

  • Liz

    Wow, what a cool find in that cookbook! And glad you found a deal on a microwave!!!

  • what an interesting quote in that book. if only it were the real judy garland:) thanks muchly for joining IMK this month. always nice to see you here. how marvellous to have a new kitchen! funny about your microwave- we had a new aircon unit put in last year, and our fridge died the same day. admittedly it was 28 years old!! a great March to you. cheers sherry

  • Debra, I’m glad your hubby was okay. Scary stuff! The new microwave and remodeling job look great though. So do your vintage cookbooks. (Gotta love the cryptic messages to ponder while you’re cooking.) May you enjoy all of them with a lil “Flair and Flavor!” xo

    • I love finding cryptic letters and messages and sometimes photos in old books. I have a lot that I saved from my grandmother’s attic that have a lot of notes and underlinings from an ancestor. Interesting stuff.

  • Now you will have a completely new kitchen and with a bargain microwave to book…that is terrific. Love the Gourmet Cookbooks, they will be a nice addition to your collection.

  • what a find with those books! What years do they cover? I sold 3 volumes from the 70’s and 80’s at a garage sale a few years back. Now I wish I had them back. Your new floors look beautiful! I’m sure you are ready for it to be over.