May 2020 “In My Kitchen”

I do so hope that this “In My Kitchen” for May 2020 is finding you all safe and well! Social distancing has been going on in the home office since March 16.  (That’s also forty-seven days of no make-up which I am not complaining about.)

As our state starts to open things back up, I feel like it is a bit premature.  I am glad that some of the local small businesses that had to close temporarily can again conduct business, but I still worry about everyone’s health.   For us, I think we will continue to primarily eat in with just a special take-out treat once a week.

That leads me to this month’s kitchen highlights.  There’s no newly bought products in the kitchen but there have been some new kitchen experiences.

I made tortillas for the first time and they are so easy.  Who knew?   Even without a tortilla press, they weren’t too difficult.   I just split a freezer sealable bag, placed the ball of dough in the center and pressed down with two cutting boards.  I then cooked them on a griddle and we had tacos!

I froze the rest.   Here’s the recipe I used:  corn tortillas.  (No photos.  I guess I could pull the seal-a-meal bag out of the freezer….)

My mom inspired me (from afar) to make bagels.  She sent me a picture of her finished product and I decided to try my hand at it too.   Mom said she had some difficulties shaping hers but the recipe I found had a genius idea.  Just make a ball and poke a hole in the center.   Swing it around your thumb to shape.  Viola!     I found this recipe and technique at King Arthur Flour.

I’m still cleaning out the freezer and I found many bags of blueberries.  As The Hubs saw a bag thawing on the cabinet, he suggested blueberry muffins.  I used one of our favorite recipes:  Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins.

Photo from an earlier post here. I made these for “Gifts from the Kitchen” posts back in December 2011.

We have been social distancing at the lake too, working on our big beast of a boat baby.  After returning late on a Sunday night, I threw together this grilled flatbread from some leftover herbed goat cheese and bacon jam (favorite appetizers from a local restaurant—take out only).   I had a few slices of pepperoni so I threw those on as well.   To make it healthier, I added some chopped spinach.  Ha!

I have to give a shout out to Deb at Kahakai Kitchen and a quick and easy lemonade recipe that lends itself to Arnold Palmers.  Again, no photos but the lemonade technique is fantastic.  They are great for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Here’s what’s on the kitchen table:

Regular old-fashioned blue and variegated iris, one Dutch iris, a single iceberg rose and a Joseph’s Coat rose—all picked from the yard and flowerbeds before a potential hailstorm.

And, here’s what’s in the greenhouse: The orange-reddish one is a claret cup.  The other is a lace hedghog cactus.   We haven’t moved everything out yet.  We had a very late frost and I guess I’m still waiting.  (Plus, it’s quite the undertaking pulling on the plants out.)

In My Kitchen is brought to you by Sherry’s Pickings.   Anyone can join up.  Please visit Sherry’s site to see what is going on in kitchens around the world.

Be safe and stay well!


22 comments to May 2020 “In My Kitchen”

  • mae

    Your vegetables and flowers are beautiful. I hope spring will be cheering to all of us who are isolating ourselves.

    be well… mae at

  • wow Lots of good food, Deb. Wish I could grab one muffin right out of the screen! You too stay safe and healthy.

  • oh yes i made fruit muffins too last week! i had various frozen fruits lurking, so i made two lots. and a batch of corn muffins. it’s great to use up old things in hte freezer and pantry. Love the gorgeous flowers! thanks for joining in, and thanks for the mention. keep well and safe

  • Yup, we’re still into heavy-duty social distancing. Doing some food restaurant delivery (and all of our groceries are delivered). I miss seeing friends and going to restaurants (and I want to pick my own produce at the grocery store), but otherwise things are good. I’ve never made bagels — really need to try that one of these days.

  • I must try your tortilla flattening hack. I am loving the no make-up look as well:)

  • Love the flowers its wonderful to bring color and beauty in the house. Bagels have been on my mind lately but I’ve yet to try making them.

    I’m not going out to eat yet, our governor partially open the state but I think it’s too soon.

    • Thanks. The peonies just started. I love them. But, whatever flower is blooming in the yard is my favorite. Yes, Tina, I think it is too soon. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite us.

  • Now I can see why flour and yeast are in short supply on “The Mainland”, with all the baking going on. I think here with local rice preferences, not as much, so plenty of flour and yeast. I’ve got to try your tortilla technique. Sorry, but I think distancing and shutdowns are prolonging the whole thing. At risk people should be protected, and the rest of us set free. Let loose the “herd immunization” theory.

  • Wow beautiful flowers! I love the idea of tortillas but never looked into making them, thanks for the inspiration

  • Flowers really do brighten up a situation and it’s all a bit crazy right now. Your bagels look wonderful, I’ve never tried making them. Bet your Mum was proud 🙂

  • Love that you made your own torilla, i’d love to but masa harina is so expensive in the UK. And i will def. try and give bagels a go, we have been eating them for lunch but supermarket brand, not homemade. Thanks for the link to the recipe.

  • Everything in your kitchen this week looks awesome! Delicious looking food (love the flatbread!) and gorgeous flowers.

    • Thanks, MJ. Consumerism has definitely diminished around here. That’s not a bad thing. I enjoyed focusing on what was coming OUT of the kitchen vs. what I was bringing in.