The Holiday Round Up for Food ‘n Flix

Here’s to 2021!

Let’s hope it lives up to our collective expectations.

It can only get better, right?

Back in the gloomy and doomy (and Zoomy) final days of 2020, I hosted The Holiday for Food ‘n Flix.  I don’t seek out rom-com movies unless it’s the holidays and then some of my favorites can be found like Love Actually and this one.

Thanks to everyone who made the time during the busy holiday season to jump in and participate.  (You can read the announcement post here.)  Please check out all of these posts to get the full flavor of the film (and recaps).

Let’s get to the festive food, shall we?

First up was Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm.   She was inspired by the Hanukkah dinner Iris hosts for Arthur and his friends.  Here’s her Macaroon Kiss Christmas Cookies.

Wendy writes:
There was quite a bit of food inspiration but one of my favorite scenes was when Iris has her lonely, elderly, Jewish neighbor, well actually Amanda’s neighbor, and some of his friends over for Hanukkah Dinner.  As they are leaving one of them mentions how much he loved the cookies, especially the chocolate covered macaroons.
Wendy went to a retro 1974 cookbook, one of her go-to recipe books, for this recipe.  She also made these to leave out for Santa.  I hope he enjoyed the effort!


Next up was Culinary Adventures with Cam.  Camilla did two recipes for The HolidayGingerbread Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate Cake with More than Five.    Graham was Cam’s favorite character with his Mr. Napkin-head portrayals, tutu buying, and a cow in the backyard.  Both recipes were inspired by the scene with Graham and his daughters.

Gingerbread Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate Cake with MORE than Five

Obviously, Camilla was inspired by the hot cocoa references in the film.

I particularly liked the scene where Amanda drops in at Graham’s house and he introduces her to his daughters, Sophie and Olivia. They all gather around the dining room table for mugs of hot chocolate.

Sophie: Daddy, she has more marshmallows than I do.
Graham: No she doesn’t, you each have five.
Graham [to Amanda as he hands her a mug]: You have five, too.

Let’s all welcome Radha from Magical Ingredients.  Radha also made two recipes inspired from The HolidayPeppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs and Garlicky Christmas Fettucine.  Radha writes:  “What is more perfect for the holidays – perfect hot chocolate with marshmallows and a movie. Apt, right? Let all our worries melt away just like how the chocolate melts and let’s hope for a great year ahead.”  Yes!

For her savory element, Radha comments:  “The name fettucine clearly rings a bell as it is one that can bring comfort when you are sad. I don’t know how to say, it is a simple dish, yet it can elevate the mood, brings calmness and comfort.”

Thanks for joining us, Radha!  Hope to see you in January as well!

Next up was Caroline Makes.   She has a personal connection to the film:

I was very excited when The Holiday, starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law first came out in 2006 as Winslet’s character was a journalist on a real-life British daily newspaper – where I actually worked. There were even rumours that Jude Law had been seen on a tour of our real-life office though I unfortunately didn’t see him myself!

How festive would it have been if Caroline had made a connection with Jude!  🙂  I, however, would like to make these brownies’ acquaintance.  Here’s her “Possibly the Best Ever Christmas Chocolate Brownies.”

Notice more marshmallows!

I will close this post with my own contribution, another nod to the  Christmas Fettucine reference.  Here’s my version of Christmas Pasta.  

My version has red and green sweet peppers, chicken, sausage and Cajun spice.

Thanks to all the participants this month!  Please join Food ‘n Flix in January when Wendy at  A Day in the Life on the Farm is hosting Simply Irresistible.   Note that membership is open to anyone.  Please think about jumping in.

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