April 2023 “In My Kitchen”

March was just meh around here.  Most of that was my fault but I’m glad April is coming in with tulips, more daffodils, and warmer weather.

The biggest new thing here has to be in our outdoor kitchen.  (Don’t be impressed, we just have an Ooni, a ceramic hibachi and now a new griddle.)

I have to say that when The Hubs first started talking about getting a griddle, I was less than enthused.   Do we really need another cooking gadget?

I am now impressed.   He has taken over cooking at least twice a week and almost all weekend.   When the family was here for Spring Break, it was great to cook the entire breakfast on the grill with one swoop.  We also made  Reuben sandwiches for St. Patrick’s Day.

I don’t have a lot of food photos of our griddle works because I am usually reading the newspaper on the patio while he cooks.

Our salvaged box garden is going strong and I should be able to pick from it soon (like this weekend).

And, the tomato starts are taking over the green house.

I was really proud of this score:  a huge bag of walnuts for $12!      



That’s about it around here.  I feel like I am slacking in the kitchen and with EE lately.   Hope to get my mojo back at some point.


Have a blessed weekend!


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I do have one curveball this month.   

These are two Hull vases.  (This is an old Ohio pottery company if you’re reading this from overseas.)  The one on the left is is called magnolia.  The one on the right is called yellow rose/wild flower.  Both are circa 1940.  I bought the magnolia one about twenty years ago very cheap.  I just acquired the yellow rose/wild flower design.  It was my grandmother’s and I will always remember filling it full of lilacs cut from the massive hedge she had behind her house.   My dad just gifted it to me when we visited the first of March.   It’s so funny about childhood memories.  I swear her vase was huge.  I was surprised that these are both the same size.

5 comments to April 2023 “In My Kitchen”

  • mae

    Your two vases with separate histories are good to see! Have fun with your new outdoor cooking adventures.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • thanks for joining in Deb, and for displaying the IMK logo :=) How lovely to have a ‘family’ vase. And fabulous that your hubby is doing lots of cooking. Mine is a good cook and has always done his share over the years. I would hate to be one of those women who complain about having to provide every.single.meal!!
    happy easter

  • Family vases are such a novelty idea to me! Your tomato plants also look amazing, I love this season of hope and planting

  • Liz

    How lucky you are to have a husband who cooks, and an outdoor kitchen. Especially wonderful now your weather is warming. You should have a bumper crop of tomatoes. They are one of my favorite things about summer.

  • I wanted to say hello and tell you I saw your recipe for guacamole chicken salad sandwiches in the latest issue of Taste of Home magazine! Looks great and now I want to enter a contest there 🙂