“In My Kitchen” June 2023

I was very proud of myself for the yard/garden work done in May.  I got all the tomatoes and peppers planted (after we pulled lots of weeds and amended the back two gardens with mushroom compost and manure).   I hope by the time this posts that I have everything mulched!  I hope to have a lot more garden updates for IMK during the upcoming months.

But for now….

We do have a Trader’s Joe in Tulsa, but it’s usually not on my shopping list radar.  I do love their Unexpected Cheddar and their infused sparkling waters (when they have them in stock).   I always pick  up other stuff while I’m there.

I was there on May 5 and there were lots of Cinco de Mayo samplings going on.  I bought some elote dip and some elote dippers.  The dip was better than the dippers and I totally want to come up with a copycat recipe for that.   (I did find some recipes online for TJ’s Everything Elote Spice, too).

Elote dip with regular tortilla chips.

(I apparently did not take a photo of the elote dippers.  Suffice it to say that they were fritos with a lot of elote spice.)

I did snap a photo of these crackers before we devoured them.  I love these on charcuterie boards.  My favorite thing is to spread one with a bit of honey goat cheese, top it with a dried cherry or two and pop it in my mouth!

My staples now at TJ’s are Unexpected Cheddar, elote dip, the  crisps, and their sparkling water (when I can get it).  🙂

Periodically, I will order spices from Penzey’s, usually when they’re running a sale.   I can’t remember what the sale’s theme actually was last month, but I stocked up on a lot of items (all 50% off).  

I was thrilled that I could buy dried bell pepper from Penzey’s.   I also like their dried cilantro for canning salsas this summer.  I couldn’t resist their cinnamon and chipotles.  Who does not like a half off sale?

Penzey’s also had some teacher appreciation boxes on sale (for almost half off).  I bought four of them for a few teachers at our schools that go up and beyond for their students (always) and have been instrumental with our grant.  They’ve been huge helps.

This wasn’t really “in my kitchen” but I did take some photos of some of the recipes in the enclosed cookbook:  Greek chicken, asparagus with smoked paprika sauce, and a rice/walnut loaf with cashew gravy.   (That last recipe was for the vegetarian niece but I do want to try all of these recipes.)

For my curve ball this month, I wanted to share some of my blooming cacti.

First of all, I didn’t even know this cactus, a rabbit ear, bloomed.  I almost missed it as it is still in the greenhouse.

Secondly, my prickly pear is amazing once a year.  

Here it is just starting to bloom (on the right next to my Joseph’s Coat roses).

Here it is totally bloomed out.  I love this thing!  (And, it survives our winters.)

As always, I want to put in a couple of foodie group plugs.   The June/July edition of Cook the Books is  Food Americana by David Page (May 2021).   Simona (briciole) is hosting.  I started this book last week and am loving it.   I’ve gotten through the pizza, Mexican, BBQ and fried chicken sections.   Please pick it up and join us!


For Movies & Munchies, search for our group on FB and ask for an invite.  Amy is hosting Best in Show.  That should be hilarious.

IMK is hosted by Sherry’s Pickings.   Anyone can participate as we share what’s new in our kitchen (or in my case what’s new on the bookshelf.)  

8 comments to “In My Kitchen” June 2023

  • mae

    Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to shop. Some weeks, it’s the only grocery shopping I do at all. I like their frozen Asian dumplings and gyozas, their crackers, and even their breakfast cereals. Penzey’s is also a great place.

    Have a good month!
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • those rosemary raisin crisps sound interesting. Love your cacti! Prickly pear grows as a roadside weed here so we are not allowed to grow it. They did sell the fruits for a while in the grocer’s, but i never got around to eating one. thanks for joining IMK this month.

    • We’ve never gotten the fruits but I have a different variety that just started blooming that I think gets them.

  • Hopefully I will get to Food Americana! I can only get an ebook version which isn’t my favourite way to read a cookbook, but I’ll manage!

    • I’m reading an ebook of it. I actually prefer to do that with the CTB selections. Easier to highlight and take notes. There’s just a few recipes. One at the end of each chapter. Hope you can participate!

  • I don’t know why I keep hearing/reading about Trader Joe’s so I made a point of stopping there recently when we were in New York, and got the most amazing trail mix crackers! I could have eaten the entire packet in one sitting. I was also intrigued by just how many people were in the store, the line seemed insane but it was moving rather quickly. Congratulations on your cacti, they are beautiful 🙂

  • We don’t have a Trader Joes but stop at one once a year when a stay with our son for Thanksgiving. I always buy their variety box of crackers for entertaining. I also buy their frozen green chili and cheese tamales, they are very good.