Celebrating Cinco de Mayo and our Faux Anniversary

Well folks, the pie did it.   We went out and celebrated our faux anniversary (the night we met) and Cinco de Mayo.    (Actually, we already had dinner plans with friends but I can rationalize with the best of  ‘em!)

Seriously though, we tried out a new restaurant that wasn’t new to us at all.   We went here quite often when we were dating and were so bummed when it closed about the same time we got married.

Yea!   Mondo’s had reopened in a hip section of town so we decided to check out the new digs with friends.     The food is exactly has we all remembered it and the new restaurant is fabulous!

But the highlight of the evening had to be celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the roof of the Mayo.    (It is pronounced with a long “a”.)     The Mayo is a historic hotel in downtown Tulsa.    It is a testament as to why restoration should be mandatory in revitalization.    (In the 20’s, this was the tallest building in Tulsa and some of the rich and famous from the day stayed here.)      It was basically abandoned in the 80’s and finally was purchase for only $250,000 in 2001 with the sole purpose of bringing this once luxury hotel back.

Up on the roof.

One of the amenities of the hotel is a penthouse bar.     The bar offers cozy inside seating plus a fantastic outdoor patio with a view of the Arkansas River and the rest of downtown.   And, on Cinco de Mayo 2012, it offered the perfect spot to sit and watch the SUPER moon rise.    Last Saturday, the moon was 30% brighter and looked 14% bigger to us earthlings.    I also just read that this moon was so bright that it overshadowed remnants of Haley’s comet—HOWEVER, that would explain the shooting star I was lucky enough to spot from the roof.    (For more on the Super Moon, click here.)

The band actually played CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising.” I really wanted to capture the reflection of the Mayo’s sign in the nearby building. But to do so, I had to capture the image of an unknown partier.

We had a great time out in Tulsa with friends and we did (or I did) retell the story of the fateful night we met! (For a bit more on that, click here.)   I was glad that the Super Moon helped us celebrate too.

Tulsa is a great little city and Southern Living recently featured it in a destination article.

Trying to play with some special effects. Thanks for bearing with me. :)

Have a fantastic week, ya’all.

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