Pickled Cherry Peppers

2013-10-12 11.18.36

I love fall in Oklahoma because you never know what you will get.    You might take a snow day off school before Thanksgiving or you might be able to still wear flip flops to school the day before Thanksgiving break.    Who knows?  (You do realize I could quote Will Rogers at this point, . . . → Read More: Pickled Cherry Peppers

Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles

2013-07-28 15.10.24

I heart my big, yellow Gourmet cookbook.   (I think that has been well-established.)   There are quite a few recipes that can be adapted to fresh produce from the garden.   If you are picking cukes, you must make this.    Especially if you are picking just a few a day.

The original recipe called . . . → Read More: Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles

Pickled Carrots

Three's a crowd.

It seems like I can only grow carrots in bulk and in weird shapes. . . . → Read More: Pickled Carrots

Pickled Wild Onions with Local Honey and “Unruly” Rosemary


I found this recipe at Food & Wine. It spoke to me because it called for wild onions, local honey, and wild rosemary. . . . → Read More: Pickled Wild Onions with Local Honey and “Unruly” Rosemary

First freeze! AAUUGGHH!

I salvaged some peppers, too.

I think I jinxed it with yesterday’s post. . . . → Read More: First freeze! AAUUGGHH!

Pickling Watermelon Rind


New territory—watermelon rind pickles. . . . → Read More: Pickling Watermelon Rind

Pickling again

pickled okra

I have been pickling all summer—homegrown cucumbers, carrots, green beans, and even grapes.  (I also made some “cheater pickles;”  see “My Favorite Uncle’s Pickles.”) 

Now it was time for okra.

Finally, I made it to the garden to pick “baby” okra—meaning, I had been picking regularly and I hadn’t overlooked any monster pods!  (It never fails, . . . → Read More: Pickling again

Pickled what?

A pickled grape experience—really. . . . → Read More: Pickled what?

Eats from the past

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