How to make your own chipotles and a hot sauce update. Peppers, peppers, everywhere… . . . → Read More: Chipotles

Hot Sauce (DIY)

With all the peppers, I started making hot sauce again.

Jalapenos and Santa Fe peppers.

I have four or five varieties of jalapenos—Tam (a mild one), Mammoth, and just regular old hot ones. I also picked up a Santa Fe pepper plant. The Santa Fe variety is also called Guero and can be picked . . . → Read More: Hot Sauce (DIY)

Hot Pepper Tequila Jelly

Yes, you read that correctly. There is tequila in this jelly.

Beware. Don’t let your clothes fall off.

Actually, there are no worries because all of the alcohol boils away.


Our peppers have arrived. I had no idea I had so many to pick until I made my weekend trip to the garden. (I . . . → Read More: Hot Pepper Tequila Jelly