“In My Kitchen” February 2020

I always feel like there’s really not a lot happening in my kitchen until I reflect back to write an “In My Kitchen” monthly post. Dig in here for some home grown citrus from Texas and some new jelly recipes. I also threw in a few cookbook reviews for good measure! Welcome February! . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” February 2020

“In My Kitchen” January 2020

Although the decade technically doesn’t end until December 31, 2020, I will include myself in celebrating the end of the teens and hoping that the twenties are more peaceful and less divisive. (Declaring that the decade is not technically ending is divisive in itself, I know.) See what’s new in our kitchen (and what we received for Christmas). . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” January 2020

“In My Kitchen” December 2019

Happy Holidays, all!

I hope that all of you stateside friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I cannot believe December is here. I’m not ready! Every year I try to do some sort of December-themed posts. I had high hopes and great ambitions for this year. I even had a pre-planned IMK post to announce the . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” December 2019

“In My Kitchen” November 2019

More cookbooks…..and a new-to-us (old) kitchen. Welcome to what’s “In My Kitchen” this month. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” November 2019

“In My Kitchen” September 2019

I’ve been slacking. I’ve been making meals and not photographing them I’ve been creating recipes but not writing them down. There’s been few posts but I feel like I’m kind of in a slump. For instance, this post originally published without me even realizing it (albeit for only about 45 minutes) with only four sentences.

. . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” September 2019

“In My Kitchen” August 2019

Good gravy! Where is the summer going?

So, here’s what was new in my July kitchen!

I made some mulled blackberry vinegar and after letting it set on the cabinet for four weeks, I finished processing it. I strained it and was left with a delicious smelling pulp, full of blackberries macerated in warming spices. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” August 2019

July 2019 “In My Kitchen”

“In My Kitchen” for July features just a few items. Welcome and please check it out! . . . → Read More: July 2019 “In My Kitchen”

June 2019 “In My Kitchen”

Summer is here! So are some new books, a beautiful bowl, a big bag ‘o onions, and a useless kitchen gadget. 🙁 . . . → Read More: June 2019 “In My Kitchen”

May 2019 “In My Kitchen”

Welcome to May. I have lots of tomatoes and peppers to put out in the garden (and by the time this posts, I certainly hope they are out of the greenhouse and vegging in the garden!

All Black Cherries

I have lots of Black Cherry tomatoes that I grew from seeds that I saved . . . → Read More: May 2019 “In My Kitchen”

April 2019 “In My Kitchen”

Cocktail mixtures, snack mixes, surprise tomatoes…these are what’s new in my kitchen this month. . . . → Read More: April 2019 “In My Kitchen”