Food ‘n Flix Round-Up for August: Osage County

I played host at Food ‘n Flix this month where I picked an unorthodox, non-foodie film.  Let me tell you why I chose August: Osage County for August’s FnF.

  • I have seen the play. I have read the play.  I have the screenplay on my Kindle.
  • I was obsessed with the filming of the movie.  (It was shot on location very near to where I live.  I was this close to being a stalker.)
  • I saw the film as soon as I could in our local independent movie theater. I bought the film.
  • I watched the film three times this month alone.

What can I say, I love August: Osage County.

  • What’s not to love about the cast?   Meyrl Streep, Sam Shepard, Julia Roberts, et al.
  • What’s not to love about the scenery?  Oklahoma sunsets, the prairies of Oklahoma’s largest county.  “This is the Plains: a state of mind, right, some spiritual affliction, like the Blues” as Barbara so eloquently puts.
  • I was struck by all the food in this film at my first viewing. I agree it is not a “foodie film” but it is chock full of food references.

And finally, there’s the heart warming story of the Westons who comes together over a tragedy to show that even in their darkest hour,  they can triumph through love and understanding.


Sorry, just wanted to see if you were awake.

august fight

August: Osage County depicts anything but a loving and understanding family.   The Weston clan is dysfunction deluxe.   The alcoholic father commits suicide, one daughter struggles with a failing marriage, another daughter seems to attract all the wrong men (including the current pedophile), and finally, the dutiful daughter finds herself in love with her half-brother.  Throw in a secret affair (that produced the secret sibling) and let’s not forget the acid-tongued, drug-addled mother and you have the makings of a truly dark tale.

Today, however, we are here about the food.  So let’s leave the remaining Westons to duke it out (my money’s on Barbara, btw).   Here’s the delicious food that was inspired by August: Osage County.  I appreciate everyone humoring me and participating this month as I hosted Food ‘n Flix.


Since this is such a dark tale, let’s begin with the sweet stuff first.

Kimberly from Coffee and Casseroles made a fitting “Don’t Screech at Me” Bundt Cake featuring the highly appropriate Screech rum.  Although Kimberly loved the actors in the film, August: Osage County just didn’t do it for her.   Her cake, however, looks delicious and I love her recipe’s title.

don't screech at me


Heather from girlichef was inspired by Johnna’s culinary skill and ” the best goddamn apple pie” that Barbara has ever eaten.  Here’s her Whiskey Caramel Apple Pie feature Pie Hole Whiskey Liqueur, “which fits perfectly seeing as that’s exactly what you want Violet to shut (her piehole) throughout the majority of the movie.”

Whiskey Caramel Apple Pie_047 words

I think I see a trend here:  dessert and booze.  There is certainly a lot of imbibing in the film.

Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm also made a pie but sans the spirits.  Wendy wrote, “This movie made me laugh and made me cry. It made me angry which reflects, again, what a wonderful job the actors did.”  She was inspired by all the crazy characters in the film, hence her Pie Full of Nuts (or Brownie Pecan Pie).

brownie pecan pie 2


Now let’s move on to the savory treats inspired by this whacked-out family drama.

Terri from Our Good Life  focused on the funeral dinner:  “Food is a central part of a small town’s funeral experience. The dinner table after the funeral is loaded with food. That is what inspired this dish, what do you take to someone to comfort them when they’ve lost a loved one?  This dish is comfort food, made and given when that extra measure of love is needed. ”  I think even the Westons could find some solace in Terri’s Chicken Quinoa Bake.

Chicken Quinoa Bake

Deb from Kahakai Kitchen continued the comfort food theme with Quick-Pickled Okra Grilled Cheese.  Deb writes, “For my film-inspired dish, I decided to take my inspiration from the food of Oklahoma and I also wanted to make something to feed the youngest Weston, Jean (played by Abigail Breslin). Jean doesn’t eat meat and says it’s because when you eat it–you are ‘ingesting an animal’s fear’–something that gets her hassled at the funeral dinner table.”   Deb actually presents two recipes, one for the quick-pickles and one for the delicious grilled cheese.

grilled cheese

Sarah at Well Dined also did a comfort food, and this, my friends, may be the ultimate in breakfast casseroles: Country Biscuits and Gravy Casserole.  “The moment that I was drawn to was Meryl Streep’s character talking about her last interaction with her husband over biscuits and gravy.  She must have said the phrase ‘biscuits and gravy’ ten times.  I’m not even that big a fan of biscuits and gravy, but that was what I wanted to make.”

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole

Biscuits and gravy was also the inspiration for Elizabeth at The Lawyer’s Cookbook.  She writes of the film:  “a lot of their conversations, revelations, and arguments happen at the table, surrounded by food.”  Luckily, Elizabeth didn’t have any fights over her dinner of Biscuits and Bratwurst Gravy, although I might have been fighting her for seconds if I had been invited.

biscuits and bratwurst

Amy of Amy’s Cooking Adventures ended up reading the play as well (but was not a huge fan).  In fact she says of the film version:  “The only saving grace is that there is plenty of food inspiration.   The characters are frequently eating or drinking something.  I very nearly went with a cocktail of some sort, but a cocktail seemed a bit classy for the Osage County crowd.  So I trashed things up a bit with beer can chicken.”   I can just see Charlie tearing into this dish.  Here’s her BBQ Beer Can Chicken.

BBQ Beer Can Chicken

Finally, I was inspired by Violet’s tirade and truth-telling as she tries to show her children the sacrifices she has made for them.  (What a wonderful mother.)  Here’s my Truth Telling Biscuits.



Join us in September as Heather hosts a Special Edition Food ‘n Flix 5-Year Anniversary Bash!!!   I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.  Check out Food ‘n Flix for the upcoming announcement.


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  • terristeffes

    Even though the movie had mixed reviews, wow, this ist he best grouping of recipes I have seen yet!. Several I want to try! Thanks for hosting this, you did a fabulous job!

  • “triumph through love and understanding…” – HA HA HA HA! I was like…what!? I thought this month was a fun challenge, thanks so much for hosting, Debra. Such a wonderfully inspired group of dishes.

  • Thanks for the pick this month! Lots of fun.

  • Pam

    I was fairly obsessed with this movie from the get go and though I hardly ever watch a movie more than once, this one, I have seen at least 5 times. You had me going for a minute—thought you were talking about a different movie—-with the heart warming story and all. I can truly understand why you were almost a stalker, I would’ve been! 🙂
    All the food is great and perfect for the film.
    Interesting post for sure!

  • Thanks Debra for hosting this month. I had fun.

  • If these recipes are any indication of the film — it’s definitely a foodie film. Wow! I’ve never even heard of this film and now I’m gonna find it and watch it! (Make sure you ask the studio for your commission.)

  • These are a great representation of home! However, Amy should understand that the 25th largest land owner in the U.S. lives in Osage Co. and I bet she watches his daughter-in-law on Food Network every Saturday morning so a cocktail would have been just fine! 🙂 Great job hosting Deb!

  • Never seen that movie. Judging by the food it inspired, it’s an Oscar winner! Really fun post — thanks.

  • Everyone did such a great job!

  • Thanks for reminding me about this one – I have been meaning to see it! I am not a huge movie person but will watch anything Meyrl Streep does.

  • I am so glad you picked this one and that I finally watched it. 😉 Thanks for hosting–what a great group of dishes!

  • […] Heather’s blog provided me with quite a few recipes to choose for this month’s theme.  There was the Skillet Pear Crisp that just sang fall to me.   Then there was the Triple Apple Bread which I seriously thought of using, subbing in fresh pears for part of the triple apple in the recipe’s title.  I can’t forego a good cookie and her Chewy Oatmeal Cookies with Apples was a contender.  If I had had more time, you would have seen her Spiced Apple Butter recipe here (and I still might make that later this fall).   Most recently, Heather posted Whiskey Caramel Apple Pie (for the August FnF). […]