Freezing Blackberries

2013-07-03 10.59.27

I said that the last post was my last blackberry jam post.    It was not my last blackberry  post.

I still had a few more quarts to go.   I was  tired of making jam so I decided to freeze the rest for pies and cobblers and making them  much later.   (I . . . → Read More: Freezing Blackberries

Blackberry-Lime Jam

2013-07-02 15.43.18

I gave some blackberry jam to a friend and colleague for her birthday last year.    She told me her husband paid this jam his best complement.

“This is some damn fine jam.”

I blushed.

This was the last of our 16 quarts of berries (and a lime thrown in for a prop.)

. . . → Read More: Blackberry-Lime Jam

Blackberry-Port Jam


Local blackberries are ready for the picking. . . . → Read More: Blackberry-Port Jam

Blackberry-Cucumber Water


I am addicted to flavored water this summer.

Last summer got me hooked when Sassy Water was making the Pinterest rounds.

Now I am experimenting with whatever fresh stuff I have in the kitchen.

Most recently (with 2 1/2 flats of blackberries to use), I dreamed this up.

I am really fickle, but this is . . . → Read More: Blackberry-Cucumber Water

It’s blackberry pickin’ time again!

We also bought a small bear of blackberry honey.

Recipes for Blackberry-Lemon Jam with Cinnamon Basil and Blackberry-Lime Jam . . . → Read More: It’s blackberry pickin’ time again!

More blackberries (Day three—the assault continues)


More recipes today…blackberry vinegar and Blackberry Margaritas! . . . → Read More: More blackberries (Day three—the assault continues)

Operation Blackberry: Day one and two


Keep reading for numerous recipes as we begin our assault: cobbler, Thyme-Blackberry Jam, and Blackberry Syrup . . . → Read More: Operation Blackberry: Day one and two