Our new pets

I was really beginning to worry about our lemon tree.  After harvesting four nice lemons, it immediately bloomed again.  And, then came out the aphids.  It was covered with them (as was our hibiscus, fuchsia, and trumpet flower).

I hated the thought of spraying the entire greenhouse contents with insecticidal soap, so I went a bit crazy and ordered 1500 ladybugs!

A few cuties on the fuchsia.

Let me tell you, 1500 is a lot!  We had them marching everywhere and had only released about half.

The lemon tree and all the other plants look so much better and I really enjoy going to the greenhouse to see how many I can spot. 

Marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah.

We still have some in captivity and are feeding them “wheast” (equal parts sugar and yeast with enough water to make a past.)

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