Food ‘n Flix: Part One for Spinning Plates, a simple guacamole

Spinning Plates is the Food ‘n Flix April feature. I decided to do three recipes and three different posts to celebrate. Today’s post is a simple guacamole for a humble family restaurant. (It’s also doing double duty for I Heart Cooking Clubs. . . . → Read More: Food ‘n Flix: Part One for Spinning Plates, a simple guacamole

Veggie Salad with Berbere

There’s an Ethiopian restaruant in Denver that we go to every summer when we’re there visiting the nieces. It’s kind of in a sketchy part of town. It’s in a seen-better-days strip mall. The sign out front has faded to oblivion. It takes almost an hour to get your food (definitely made from scratch). They’re . . . → Read More: Veggie Salad with Berbere

Whiskey Cake

This is a recipe in four parts but well worth the effort. Besides the recipe for Whiskey Cake, you will also find a review of Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar in OKC. . . . → Read More: Whiskey Cake

The Yosemite

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike. ” —John Muir . . . → Read More: The Yosemite

Tangy Cumin Citronette and a Salad Trifecta

This tangy vinaigrette is perfect for greens. It is perfect for a composed chicken salad. It is perfect for quinoa and kale. Cumin Citronette is so good, I tried it on all three salads. . . . → Read More: Tangy Cumin Citronette and a Salad Trifecta

Chicken Tacos with Red Cabbage and Radish

This recipe for shredded chicken is delicious and will inspire you to want to make lots of tacos, enchiladas, wraps, and salads. The possibilities are endless with this basic recipe. . . . → Read More: Chicken Tacos with Red Cabbage and Radish

Lemonata Vinaigrette

One very versatile salad dressing. Try it over the holidays on the salad of your choice! . . . → Read More: Lemonata Vinaigrette

More food from Taos

Oh, know…Taos Mesa Brewing was not the only establishment where we imbibed and ate. There is some stamina needed in eating one’s way through Northern New Mexican cuisine. (Naps are recommended.) . . . → Read More: More food from Taos

Taos Mesa Brewing

First of all, Happy Halloween! You know when we travel, I typically milk our experience into numerous posts. Our recent trip to Taos is no different. For the next installment, read on…. . . . → Read More: Taos Mesa Brewing

Taos for Fall Break

Yep, we made it back to the Land of Enchantment for Fall Break. Care on joining us as we make our way around town (and the state)? . . . → Read More: Taos for Fall Break