Spicy Beef Sambel

Here’s the latest results from a virtual cooking class with Chef Elizabeth from Haochi US (on a virtual Yelp event). This spicy beef dish is too good not to share (and so easy)! . . . → Read More: Spicy Beef Sambel

I am a cookbook-aholic.

Announcing a new direction: Cookbook of the Week. Follow my new themed posting vow—to highlight all the cookbooks in my vast (and growing) library. . . . → Read More: I am a cookbook-aholic.

What’s Cooking? A Keto Friendly Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Food ‘n Flix and What’s Cooking?. Here’s a healthy Thanksgiving menu option which includes turkey, cranberries, “stuffing,” veggies and pumpkin pie. Enjoy! . . . → Read More: What’s Cooking? A Keto Friendly Thanksgiving

Washington, D.C.

Over Labor Day weekend, we traveled to our Nation’s capitol. This was my fourth trip and The Hubs’ first. One of my greatest trips ever was when I was twenty-three and accompanied mom to D.C. where she had a conference. I was left to my own devices and wandered all the art museums and galleries . . . → Read More: Washington, D.C.

Tacos al Pastor

Although the meat wasn’t Shawarma spit-grilled, this recipe for Tacos al Pastor is a great grilling meal. This recipe makes a lot so invite a crew over to enjoy it! . . . → Read More: Tacos al Pastor

April 2019 “In My Kitchen”

Cocktail mixtures, snack mixes, surprise tomatoes…these are what’s new in my kitchen this month. . . . → Read More: April 2019 “In My Kitchen”

Instant Pot Anasazi Beans

Here’s a quick pantry meal (and the first Instant Pot recipe to post at EE)! Also, there’s a few announcement/confessions. . . . → Read More: Instant Pot Anasazi Beans


Join us on our recent excursion to Boston. . . . → Read More: Boston

Sourdough Starter (again)

I’m trying to get another starter going so I can have something yeasty to post for the upcoming Cook the Books round featuring Sourdough by Robin Sloan. I need some magic mojo. . . . → Read More: Sourdough Starter (again)

Hatch Green Chiles

Twenty-five pounds is a LOT of peppers! . . . → Read More: Hatch Green Chiles