New Plantings—I want some salad!

Last winter we did harvest radishes, carrots, and salad greens from the greenhouse during the winter months.  We are a little late in planting this year, but on New Year’s day we did sow our “salad bowls” and hopefully will have some produce within the next forty days.

We use mortar mixing tubs and a water garden tub for our indoor plantings.  We created a mixture of garden soil, mushroom compost and our own sifted compost to fill them.  This year we built shelves out of cinder blocks and 2 x 4s down the center of the greenhouse to maximize space.  In the mortar tubs,  I have planted mixed lettuce seeds, Bloomsdale spinach, and Tyee spinach. 

Lettuce and spinach soon, I hope.

In the water garden tub, I have planted Short and Sweet carrots, Sweet Treat carrots and French Breakfast radishes.  I can’t wait for the first shoots to emerge.

The bed for carrots and radishes.

I also restarted some herb seeds (thyme, lots of basil, and Italian parsley).  We added a grow light to boost the existing herbs a bit.


But, we are most proud of our tomato.  It is a Carbon that we purchased as a plant for our fall tomato garden.  We just thought we would experiment and see if we could be successful with it in the greenhouse.  So far, we have had tomatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is slower to produce, but when it does, they are mighty tasty.

Carbon tomato in the greenhouse in January.

Hopefully all will come together and we can have a home-grown salad soon!  (Look for an update next month!)

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