#25: Soup and Salad

Tonight for dinner we are going to have left over Mexicali Broccoli-Soup with a fresh salad.  And, do I mean fresh!  The lettuce and radishes  and tomatoes were just picked from our green house flats and tubs.  We planted these on January 9 and you can go to New Plantings—I want some salad now!  to see the before pictures.

Here are the “after” pictures:

These tubs were planted with a variety of lettuce mixes.

The radishes are on the right (and some are ready to be pulled) and the carrots are on the left (obviously not ready yet).

One French Breakfast Radish and the last of our green house tomatoes.

It is time to plant your lettuce seeds to get them ready to set out in the garden.  I love to overseed every few weeks so we can have lettuce, spinach, and greens all season from the garden.  Depending on where you live, you may be able to sow your spinach in the ground at this point in the year.

To get good gardening tips and prompts on when to do things, join Harvest to Table.   Here is one of their latest posts for planting lettuce.
Go get some dirt under your fingernails and start planting!

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