Canning Round-Up

Here’s a round-up of what’s been canned and preserved at EE plus you cannot live without this book…. . . . → Read More: Canning Round-Up

Pickled Green Cherry Tomatoes

What happens when you plant excess dill for the pollinators and black swallow caterpillars?

You have a boatload of dill to harvest and you make pickles.

What happens when your beautiful and loaded Roma cherry tomato plant mysteriously gets the roots eaten? (Thank you so much little pocket gopher.)

You dry your tears and make . . . → Read More: Pickled Green Cherry Tomatoes

Sriracha Swiss Chard Pickles

Another Swiss chard recipe today and and I thought this one would be a keeper. Who doesn’t love pickles? Who doesn’t love Sriracha? Who doesn’t love Swiss chard?

OK, there may be a few out there who don’t care for the beautiful leafy stuff or the spicy Asian condiment, but let me tell you, I . . . → Read More: Sriracha Swiss Chard Pickles

Pickled Cherry Peppers

I love fall in Oklahoma because you never know what you will get. You might take a snow day off school before Thanksgiving or you might be able to still wear flip flops to school the day before Thanksgiving break. Who knows? (You do realize I could quote Will Rogers at this point, but I . . . → Read More: Pickled Cherry Peppers

Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles

I heart my big, yellow Gourmet cookbook. (I think that has been well-established.) There are quite a few recipes that can be adapted to fresh produce from the garden. If you are picking cukes, you must make this. Especially if you are picking just a few a day.

The original recipe called for horseradish paste . . . → Read More: Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles

Pickled Carrots

It seems like I can only grow carrots in bulk and in weird shapes. . . . → Read More: Pickled Carrots

Pickled Wild Onions with Local Honey and “Unruly” Rosemary

I found this recipe at Food & Wine. It spoke to me because it called for wild onions, local honey, and wild rosemary. . . . → Read More: Pickled Wild Onions with Local Honey and “Unruly” Rosemary

First freeze! AAUUGGHH!

I think I jinxed it with yesterday’s post. . . . → Read More: First freeze! AAUUGGHH!

Pickling Watermelon Rind

New territory—watermelon rind pickles. . . . → Read More: Pickling Watermelon Rind

Pickling again

I have been pickling all summer—homegrown cucumbers, carrots, green beans, and even grapes. (I also made some “cheater pickles;” see “My Favorite Uncle’s Pickles.”)

Now it was time for okra.

Finally, I made it to the garden to pick “baby” okra—meaning, I had been picking regularly and I hadn’t overlooked any monster pods! (It . . . → Read More: Pickling again