More Dallas trip

Unfortunately, our conference had us hooked up from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. every day.  We learned a lot but that did not leave us much time for adventure.

Our group did find a few great places in Dallas.

Sol Irlandes Restaurant (1525 Main St.):  One of the valets at our hotel made this recommendation.  What a find (and right across from our hotel.)  One of our party ate at least five meals here.  I, myself, ate here three times.  I highly recommend the brisket tacos.

The Place at Perry’s was recommend by an aunt of one of our group members.   It was rated the best steak house in Dallas and I was impressed.  Be prepared to spend $50 or more, but, hey, it is a fine dining establishment.  Our waiter had a few issues with our large crowd, but this was easily resolved by the diners themselves.

We were also able to tour the Cowboys’ Stadium.  I am not a big football fan but am really glad that I went on this tour.  I was totally impressed.

This monitor is 7 stories high!

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