Royals vs. Yankees, back in KC

Kansas City two weekends in a row!  What could be better?  We made a flying trip this weekend as friends gave us two tickets to the Saturday Royals vs. Yankees game.  We had never been to a professional baseball game (except for a few minor league ones) so we were excited.  The seats were awesome and we were about fifteen rows behind the Yankee dugout.  

Obviously we got to see Jeter and A-Rod and four home runs.  It was pretty exciting stuff. 

This morning found us back at City Market.  We did not buy as much produce this time, but we did come away with a couple pints of cherry tomatoes and some wild plums, which are dainty and tasty.  We made a return visit to Bloom Baking Company for breakfast and had an apple tart and a walnut danish.  Both were great.  The tart was beautiful and featured some sort of custardy filling.  The danish was a croissant dough rolled in the shape of a cinnamon roll.  A light walnut filling was rolled up inside.  The danish had a slight taste of almonds.  We loved both. 

Both Sunday mornings that we have visited the market, Carollo’s Italian Grocery and Deli was already cooking all sorts of sausages, brauts and other carnivorous delights.  We would love to stay for lunch some time.  The “groceria” is a great place with barrels of olives and a great deli case. 

We are fascinated with the Spice Guy and we bought some teas, mixed peppercorns, and cilantro from him.  We also ventured into the China Town Food Market (Sieu Thi Dong Phuang)   and the Vietnamese Market (Hung-Vuong Market).   At the China Town Market we bought the coolest pair of large metal shears (for cutting poultry, I assume) and some chop sticks.  At the Vietnamese Market we bought dried Shiitakes, rice paper, multi-grain rice, and noodles.  Both places were unique.  China Town had the best fish, but Hung-Vuong had the best fresh pork. 

Finally, we stopped for coffees at K.City.    The atmosphere is friendly and local.  Each table features a laminated top with historic post cards—a fun read while you sip.  (We had visited here before, but the vibe was definitely different this time.  I would love to return for the wine bar experience.)

We had a great weekend!

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