Love Shack and Ft. Worth.

Finally was able to make it to Ft. Worth and the Love Shack.  I had been wanting to go since last winter when we visited Love’s Lonesome Dove Bistro.   (For more on Chef Tim Love, see “It’s Almost Blackberry Time,” “A Cocktail with a Bite,”  and “On the sixth day.”  Obviously, I refer to Chef Love often!)

Well, I finally made it!  Even though it was 50 degrees, I was determined to try this outdoor eatery.  Luckily the sun was out!

A cold rootbeer on a cold day!

We tried the “Love Burger” and the “Dirty Love Burger” (with the addition of a fried quail’s egg and bacon).  Both were awesome and the fries and onion rings were great.  Since it was so cold out, we warmed ourselves over this steaming food. 

I would love to return to this beer garden setting on a much warmer day when live music might be playing.

As we exited the eatery, we came across a crowd of people snapping pictures of this trio:

Yes, it is gerbil riding a cat riding a rottweiler. Only in Texas!

Is this the Ft. Worth Breman musicians?

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