GIANT Hamburger—a new Fourth Tradition

On July 4, I posted our intent to attempt this feat.  I mentioned then that if we were successful, I would blog it.  Well,   our gargantuan gastronomic cheeseburger didn’t turn out half bad.

Long before I was on the scene, my husband’s family made giant hamburgers to celebrate the Fourth of July.  I had always heard the stories about this behemoth burger and I was beginning to think that it was an urban legend.   Since the nephews were coming to our house on the Fourth this year, we decided to break out and do something crazy.   (We pride ourselves on being the crazy aunt and uncle, but in the fun way.)

I made sure we were prepared by having enough locally produced hamburger on hand and I experimented with bread recipes until I found one that would work for a giant bun.


I count eight pieces of assorted cheese slices.


Ooey, gooey goodness.


A patriotic feast.

We used five pounds of hamburger, seasoned it with a bit of Memphis rub, homemade garlic salt, and salt and pepper.    We were concerned about flipping this monster, but we thought we had it figured out.  We got the patty on the grill just fine by taking off the grill and flipping the burger on it from a cookie sheet.  We thought we could use the same procedure for the final flip.  But oops—we both thought the other one had the patty and it flopped side-ways into the grill basin.  Believe it or not, we were able to retrieve it and only lost one tiny piece in the coals.  Whew—the burger gods were with us that day my friend.

For the bun, I took my mom’s Rosemary Foccacia Bun recipe and doubled it.

I know this is now on our traditional list of Fourth of July fare.

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