My Watermelon Salad

Wow, so busy since my last post—I can’t believe it.   I usually try to post at least ever two days—I am behind!

So, I finally got up enough nerve to actually pick that surprise watermelon.

Moon and Stars

Not sure if it was ready or not to pick, I made my way to the garden.   OMG!   It is so heavy.  My kitchen scales only go to seven pounds and for numerous reasons we don’t keep the bathroom scales in the house.  (It is too depressing.)  My guess is it might actually weigh out at fifteen pounds.

Looks delicious.

So, finding a bit of time between work and yoga tonight, I decided to whip up this simple meal.   And, what’s the deal?  It is September 13 and it is back to 100 degrees today.   Obviously with the temperature in triple digits, I needed a cool salad for dinner.

I adapted my recipe from one posted on Where to Eat in Boston.  It is from Sasso restaurant and to see it in its original form, click here.

Here is where I ended up:

Watermelon Salad with Bleu Cheese, Pancetta and Basil
Serves 1

8 oz. pancetta
1 1/2  cup cubed watermelon
1-2 T. crumbled bleu cheese (If not a bleu cheese fan, use feta or omit.)
1/8  c. basil
a drizzle of olive oil
a drizzle of balsamic
fresh ground pepper

Cook pancetta until crisp but be careful not to burn.  Drain on paper towels.

Arrange watermelon on a chilled plate.  Top with pancetta, bleu cheese and basil.  (Basil can be torn or you can chiffonade it. )

Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic.  Season to taste with pepper.


If you look at the original recipe link above, you will see that I got quite away from it.


These thoughts and ideas were running through my mind as I created this salad:

  • I once had a watermelon, tomato and blue cheese salad at Michael Smith in KC that was divine.
  • My grandfather always peppered his cantaloupe and watermelon.
  • I had no watercress growing anywhere so I decided to use the surplus of basil in the herb garden.
  • I thought the basil would add a nice peppery bite as well.


Isn’t it crazy how a recipe can come together?

My creation.

I hope you enjoy.



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