Adding peas

I did go back to the store (only once today) and I got a hold of some frozen peas.

I added them to the leftover curry that we warmed up for lunch today.

It made a huge difference—in taste and in the appearance of the dish.

These leftovers made a delicious lunch with basmati rice.


For the full recipe (minus the peas), see yesterday’s post for Sweet Potato Curry with Chickpeas.

And,  you will also notice that the “Recipe of the Day” from Williams-Sonoma  Cook’s Network has disappeared.

Did W-S run out of recipes?   Surely not.

5 comments to Adding peas

  • Isn’t it amazing how a little contrast in the food makes a world of difference!

  • I have reviewed the first and then this one. The first one does look delicious, but the second one does have and extra layer of flavor as well as color. That I would say is a plus, but I would eat either one! I know someone that eats sweet potato at least 3 times a week, but they only fix them as baked like a regular potato. I need to turn him on to your wonderful dishes here!

  • Chickpea and sweet potato is such a nice pairing and of course, who can resist curry? I’m glad you added the peas – they contribute gorgeous colour, texture and… fibre (!!) to any dish 🙂

  • Ooooo! Love the addition of peas 🙂

  • Ann

    GREAT recipe (I went back and read it!). I agree – sometimes there’s something about peas in a dish! I have a turkey pasta recipe that just isn’t the same without them, so I completely agree. I didn’t notice about WS but I have to say I’m surprised!