Some more dinin’ and stayin’ and playin’ in KC

Do you Groupon?   Living Social?    I am a recovering addict.

No, I don’t buy every deal that comes across my email, but if I see a restaurant we frequent or one we have been meaning to visit, I will buy it.    I also will buy a travel deal if it is somewhere we enjoy visiting.  (I have only been burned once on these deals and that was on a spa that canceled my appointment and then NEVER would call me back to reschedule.  From then on, I stay with the food deals and travel deals.)

So, with February starting and my deal for a one night stay at a Kansas City hotel looming to expire, we made a fast trip to KC this past weekend.   It was lovely.

We are close enough that a one night trip is feasible.   We decided that this trip would be relaxing NO MATTER WHAT.  We always have a long list of things to do in KC and we finally came to the realization that we can have a leisurely, relaxing trip there and we don’t have to try to accomplish everything.   We will be back!

Our first priority was finding a lunch spot.  We settled on Blue Grotto.   They have a brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays, but we went with the regular menu and ordered salads and pizza.   (They also have $3 screwdrivers,  mimosas, and Blood Mary’s.)

This was one spicy cocktail. Can you see all the ground pepper floating in it?

Arugula and Roasted Garlic Salad

The Quattro Stagioni: mushrooms, artichokes, peppers, olives and fontina.

I would definitely give it a “thumb’s up”!   Blue Grotto is in the Brookside area which is a great shopping and dining destination.

We went to this area before we checked in because another vital quest for this voyage was a Valentine’s Day present for me!    I wanted to check out a new shop (primarily because they carry Jes Maharry’s fabulous jewelry).   Stuff  carries her items plus much more.   We found all sorts of artisans’ wares in this perky, lively, friendly little shop.    (And, I did get a piece of jewelry or two.   My husband is GREAT!)

Since it was a grey and drizzly day, we needed a coffee or something to warm us up as we wandered around.   We found Bella Napoli for some much needed mochas.   Is it a deli?  Restaurant?   Wine bar?   Italian market?   Coffee shop?   YES!   Such a relaxed atmosphere, we are definitely dining here on our next visit.

Now it was time to venture to the Westport  area and our hotel:   The Q Hotel and Spa.  Q is quaint, hip, and cool and in a respective quaint, hip, and cool area.  (It is KC’s first “green” hotel.)   We discovered Westport on our last trip and had it on our radar to explore further so this deal was perfect for us.

I loved the beaded curtains!

They have a complimentary happy hour from 5-7 and a pretty awesome breakfast area with made to order omelets and waffles as well as the usual Continental offerings.

I do have to talk about that happy hour.    It was pretty packed so we found a secluded, curtained off area to chill.   But, we couldn’t help overhearing a few conversations.   (Most of the patrons were in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s.)   There apparently was some sort of fraternity father/son thing going on and one boisterous “gotta relive college” father was telling everyone to stay out of the Plaza tonight because they would be “paintin’ the town red!”   Really?   That was fine with us—we wanted to stay in Westport.

In one of my last KC posts, I spoke about a little bistro called Wesport Cafe & Bar.    On our last trip, we had eaten the most sublime sweet pea raviolis as we just dropped in for an appetizer.   We were craving those raviolis again and we really wanted to try some of the restaurant’s other items.  This was our dining destination.

The atmosphere and service at this little walk through is wonderful.   The raviolis were as we remembered.   My cocktail (a pear infused tequila concoction) was almost good enough to have more than one.   The rest of the food—just OK.   The staff really worked hard so we are going to give them another try on another trip.    (I really wanted to take some pics of that wonderful ravioli and my cocktail, but at this point in the trip, the hubster was getting a bit perturbed about all the food bloggin’ planning that was going on at our romantic dinner out.)

So, I am hoping to find some frozen spring peas in the freezer so I can make this ravioli!!!!!!!!  (Yes, it is that good!)

We’re home, back at work, so back to the Clean Out for the next post!


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