Another wine adventure—on our own.

We travel at least twice a year to Hot Springs, Arkansas—more about that later.   (For last year’s adventure, click here.) We usually take the shortest route there on the way to our destination.   But, on the way home, we like to meander through Arkansas wine country.   (I know that there are a few of you snickering out there right now.)

Truly, this area of the country is beautiful.      Through our travels, we have found a favorite winery and vineyard there, Chateau aux Arc.  (I just realized this is pronounced “ozark”—go figure.)     We stumbled upon this fairly new winery a couple of years ago.   We try to stop at least once a year.

The tasting room at Chateau aux Arc.

Chef Larry was at the helm the Sunday we arrived and he was very affable and knowledgeable.   He led us through a tasting and did not hide his opinion of the other wineries’ wines from the same valley.    “Ours are dry.   Not the sweet stuff you get down the road.”

I just love the labels.

Chef Larry (and I made the mistake of just calling him Larry—I was corrected), really made a case for these wines.   We bought bottles of the  Bishop’s Red, Dragonfly Red, a chardonnay, and the 2007 Zinfandel (which Chef Larry praised).

The entrance.

The winery hosts weddings and I can imagine how beautiful they must be on this spectacular piece of property.

I love the name---"Dragonfly Ranch." We are doing our darndest to get some of the Cynthiana grapes ordered. (Cynthiana is also called Norton. )

Some were just emerging.

The field of Chardonnay.

The view from the wrap around porch.

Dried grapes on one of the garden arbors. Can you imagine a wedding here?


The other wineries are fun to stop by as well:

Post Family Wines:   We haven’t visited there in a couple of years.    It is truly a family run winery and we probably received the best history and education here regarding Arkansas wines.    They really sold us on the Muscadine grape and its health benefits.

Wiederkehre Wine Cellar:   Another family run business, but it is a bit commercial—you know, with bus parking and all.     I like to buy their grape seed oil.    We were very disappointed on a fast trip through one time when we stopped at their “bistro” which was right off  I-40.    We were served microwave pizza—complete with the metallic cardboard “nuking” pan.

Mount Bethel Winery:  We have never visited this one, but as I was doing a bit of research for this post, this place truly intrigues me.   It is on our list for the next time we visit.

More about our visit to Hot Springs soon.


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  • How awesome would it be to have a wedding there! Great looking landscape. You are right though, I would have never figured Arkansas to have any wineries. Always wanted to visit hot springs though, so the winery thing is good to know! I look forward to seeing more about your visit to Hot Springs. Have a great weekend!

  • I love your photography! The landscape is simply stunning 😀
    Everything looks so beautiful and fresh!

    Choc Chip Uru

  • I don’t know anything about wines from that part of the country–the closest I’ve had is Missouri wine. And thanks for your comment yesterday–maybe Eliot and Ingrid should run for office on a joint ticket!

  • Liz

    What a wonderful tour…still laughing at the name, though. Glad there was no rain this time 🙂

  • You’ve probably noticed, but I hardly ever read your wine adventures b/c I’m the opposite of a wine connoisseur. I’m clueless when it comes to wine, other than a sip here and there, we just don’t drink it. I just wanted you to know just in case you were wondering why I never comment on your wine adventures. They’re Greek to me. 🙂 But, this area is gorgeous and that is something I can comment on!! 🙂 I’ve never been to Arkansas, but it’s somewhere we hope to vacation soon b/c I do have family and friends there. And check out Friday’s post–Sugarfoot and I met for lunch on Thursday!

    • Eliot

      I hadn’t thought you were rude for not commenting! But thanks for commenting here. 🙂 We are not (let me repeat) not wine connoisseurs, but we do like it and like I stated, we love the romance of growing grapes. (And, I like to sip it!) 🙂 That is so awesome you and SugarFoot Eats met for lunch before she heads out on her big adventure! (And, Arkansas would be a fun shortish trip for you and Dennis!)

  • Hello missy!

    Just stopping by to show you some bloggy love. Don’t feel like you need to pass it along or do anything with it, but I hope you know that this is because I adore you and your blog!

    • Eliot

      OMG! OMG! OMG! I am so honored! Thanks so much!!!! Glad you got moved and I have the new address too!

  • I confess to selecting my wines by their labels, the first time. I adore wine labels. I totally could see a wedding there, wine and romance…

  • TNWT

    Fun article. I hope you will swing by and visit Mt. Bethel Winery in the very near future. Out of Arkansas seven wineries (?) six of them produce Cynthiana wines (Norton grape) By far our favorite Cynthiana (Norton) is the offering from Mt. Bethel. This is not a showy venue, but has all the right qualities for producing some surprisingly good wines. Don’t pass up their Elderberry Wine while you are there.