Churros for Coco

Once upon a time there was a talented musician that left his family to seek fame and fortune.   He never returned to his wife and young daughter, Coco.   Thus begins a curse-like decree from the family’s matriarch:  NO MUSIC!

Although this event was four generations removed from Miguel, his love of and talent for music is squashed by his Abuelita because of the tales passed down through family lore.  NO MUSIC!

Of course, the grandson Miguel will find a way to live his dream…even if that means a trip to the “other side” on a fateful Día de los Muertos.   

Luckily, he has his family and his faithful “spirit guide,” Dante, along to assist.  He solves a family mystery, helps a forefather be remembered, and proves to his family that music is the key to life.

It’s a Disney film, don’t you know, so there is a happy ending!

Welcome to the April edition of Food ‘n Flix.  This month’s film is being hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla.  You can read her announcement post here.

There is a lot of food in Coco but it can sometimes be hard to spot.  This a list of what I spied:

  • Tamales from Abuelita’s table
  • A chicken bone thrown to Dante
  • Wine and bread in the cemetery with dearly departed to celebrate Día de Muertos
  • Churros to declare (“from my family”)
  • Pan Dulce (Sweet buns) from the clerk’s desk (and the funniest line in the entire film)
  • Baskets of fruit that Miguel escapes behind
  • Kahlo’s giant papaya and milk of the cactus
  • Chorizo (potentially deadly)
  • Tequila (perhaps lethal)
  • Food offerings from the land of the living (via de la Cruz’ fans)
  • Tomatoes thrown at de la Cruz on stage
  • Elote held by a fan in the stands at de la Cruz’ absolutely last concert
  • Pressing tortillas (one year later)
  • Table laden with more Pan Dulce and fruit

    Dante after a plate of pan dulce

If it had been summertime, I would have so made elote.   But, since it’s not…I had to make some sweets.  (I did not make the treats below, but they were my inspiration.  I did eat them all.)

Authentic pan dulce from Pancho Anaya (Tulsa, OK)

The raspberry and apricot filled cakes are Panquesitos.  They are an angel food like cake with a hint of coconut.   These are my second favorite thing to purchase and eat at the authentic panadería that we frequent (Pancho Anaya).

The white encrusted shell-like sugar rush in the top center is a Concha.   The pastry in the bottom left is a mystery that I just thought would look good for this photo op.   (Does anyone know what it is?  It tasted similar to a Pineapple Bun.)

Finally, the churros.   These are my favorite things in the world (at least when it comes to Pan Dulce).  Pancho Anaya  is the master with these churros.  Theirs come filled with Bavarian cream or a strawberry filling.  Really the bomb!   These and a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning…my dream way to start a weekend!

I decided to try my hand at churros which I had been told is a challenge.

Using my Día de Muertos spoon.

Actually, the process wasn’t too bad.  You start by melting butter in water, stirring in the flour and baking powder until a ball-like dough forms, and then stirring in eggs and vanilla.   I took direction from a recipe found here.

The piping was a bit of a challenge and I had some unusually pointed ends.

I wanted to fill them with Dulce de Leche  but instead, I just drizzled a bit on top and had some available for dipping.

Sorry about the ends. 🙁

This recipe made a very airy and light dough, very different from what we purchase at Pancho Anaya.   But, they did make for a relatively quick breakfast and were delicious with my coffee (even if they were a bit ugly).

This film made for a fun viewing and I found myself laughing out loud.

The funniest line in the entire film:

“I have no nose, yet here we are….”  (Clerk, Gabriel Iglesias)

The funniest scenes:

Frida’s avantgarde theatrical papaya installations.

Most beautiful scene:

Miguel’s first glimpse of The Land of the Dead.


I loved the colors and spectacles of this film.  It may be the best Pixar/Disney film to date.  I loved the message of familia, too.

Thanks for hosting, Cam.  This was a fun round.

Please join us for May’s Food ‘n Flix feature film,  Bram Stoker’s Dracula hosted at Coffee and Casseroles.


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