The Family Stone Round-Up

Welcome to the Food ‘n Flix December round-up for The Family Stone.   You can read the announcement post here.  This has become one of my favorite holiday movies, right behind Love Actually.  Don’t judge.

I do realize that this film might not appeal to everyone, but I do love the family drama accompanied by a little bit of eccentric humor.

Let’s see what the group had to say.

Wendy (A Day in the Life on the Farm) also enjoyed the film:

This is a fun, heartwarming Christmas movie that can become a tradition if you so choose.  I enjoyed it very much.  It reminded me of my own eclectic, dysfunctional, large family who agree on nearly nothing but love each other unconditionally.

Wendy was inspired by the traditional stringing of popcorn and cranberries for holiday decorations so she whipped up some Cranberry Popcorn, flavoring it not only with dried cranberries but also assorted nuts (which also could be inspired by the film).  She glazes this delicious sounding concoction with maple and honey.   Yum!

Cranberry Popcorn

Amy’s Cooking Adventures was next up with a Cheddar and Broccoli Strata.  Amy describes the film thusly:  “This one isn’t a Lifetime movie but it feels like it.  There is a definite RomCom feel and warm fuzzies at the end.”   She created this delicious sounding strata, but alas the dish may have escalated some family drama in her household.  (You’ll have to pop over to her site to get the details.)

Culinary Adventures with Cam gives this caveat:  “Spoiler alert: this landed in the ‘love’ holiday movie category for me. I will happily add this to my annual watch list!”   Cam also made a strata and did a play on Everett’s mushroom allergy.

Instead of adding mushrooms, she added bread cut-outs for a Mushroom-less Strata.

As the host, I also made a strata, one I served to the family on Christmas morning for brunch.

(Forgive the photo…I had to snap it mid-meal.)   I decided to create a Pizza Strata with pepperoni, tomatoes, olives, and mushrooms. No allergies here.

Thanks to everyone who participated this month.

It’s with a heavy heart that I report this is the last Food ‘n Flix round-up.  Wendy (A Day in the Life on the Farm)  was kind enough to write the following to explain.

As many of our regular readers know several of us have belonged to an amazing group known as FoodnFlix. This group was the brainchild of Heather of All Roads Lead to the Kitchen. Heather did an excellent job with this group and we all became friends sharing our thoughts about the movies and the recipes inspired by the films. We are so very grateful to her for all her hard work. Heather recently reached out to us and explained that life has gotten very busy for her and she is going to take a sabbatical from blogging for a time. She suggested that if we wanted to continue we could continue under a new moniker. We will miss Heather terribly and hope that one day she returns and we can reunite under the old name or new, whichever she prefers.

Heather, thanks for a fun ride and I hope we will see you again in another virtual movie club.  I will miss Food ‘n Flix immensely BUT be aware that there’s already something in the works.

Intrigued?  Jump on over to Amy’s Cooking Adventures for more information.





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  • Thanks, Debra for hosting and for introducing the new group. Looking forward to continuing with this wonderful core group and welcoming any new members that wish to join in the fun.

  • Mae

    I’m looking forward to more posts when you connect to the movies, glad you found a new home for your group.

    best… mae at