“In My Kitchen” April 2022

Spring has sprung!  Sort of…

We’re bouncing from 70 degree days to 45 degree days (with 30 MPH winds).   It’s a struggle knowing how to dress every morning, but welcome to Oklahoma.

Since the beginning of the year, it seems like every time IMK rolls around, I’ve got nothing new.  I really had to struggle and reach a bit for anything new in the kitchen for March.   I persevered and here’s what I present to you today.

You know that I often buy my wine for the labels.  This was a totally spontaneous buy.The clerk commented on the purchase and said she did the same thing.  She proceeded to tell me about a wine she likes that has a chick reclining on a bong.  What?   The same clerk also told me she almost carded me.   What?   She definitely needs to see an optometrist soon.

As for the Rioja, I enjoyed it.  It had a back taste of black pepper that I really liked.  It wasn’t too dry, yet it was definitely not sweet.

Every once in a while, I can find these snacks at T.J. Maxx.  I love them because you can grab a handful on the way out of the door or if you have more time you can sprinkle them on top of yogurt.

The veggies in the green house are growing rabidly (in height and in quantity).   We have many (many) different kinds of tomatoes started, about four different varieties of peppers, along with kale, chard, and lettuces.

I took a chance last weekend and planted one tomato on the north side of our house.  I want it to climb up the trellis eventually.  (I had to dig out a favorite rose, Jacob’s Coat, that had died.)

We have a frost projected for this upcoming Friday so I will need to cover it.  (It’s a mystery varietal.  I was really good this year about labeling the seedlings but this one grew up without a name.)

Besides that, I have a stack of foodie magazines that I need to get through at some point.  (This stack may just accumulate and get hauled to the lake for summer reading soon.)  I swear there are some November editions in the pile.

Bummed that Eating Well  is going away.  🙁


The biggest curve ball  this month (in more ways than one) is this little guy.

Yes, we are now puppy people.  Let me present Newt.  He’s 3 months old and is a Belgian Malinois mix (allegedly).  We found him at local rescue (which does GREAT work).  His adoption was pretty seamless.   We like to think he’s pretty smart.  He’s already crate trained and sleeps all night.  I did cave and he does have mostly free reign on the couch.  The Hubs is working with him a lot and he is pretty motivated to please.

We’re in love.  🙂

I’m linking up with Sherry’s Pickings.  Sherry hosts In My Kitchen every month.  Check it out.

13 comments to “In My Kitchen” April 2022

  • mae

    Buying wine because it has a fun picture on the label is one of my little joys too. OTOH my husband reads wine columns and remembers what we liked of earlier purchases. I gave up worrying about nothing really new in the way of culinary possessions and new snacks, I just try to see the bigger picture about the state of my kitchen and other things. Though I admire the bloggers who try new things all the time.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Glenda

    It will be fun trying to identify the rogue tomato. Through lots of pictures we can possibly do that. I just transplanted my little plants into little pots. Still about 6
    weeks before planting in the garden. FYI had our spring snow this morning.

  • Susan

    Welcome to Newt! How fun for you.

  • thanks so much for joining in IMK this month. I know it can be very hard sometimes to find interesting stuff:) Love your puppy!! i keep trying to convince the hubby we need a new dog. our last one died some years ago. Keep well and good luck with the tomato.

  • Wendy

    Oh my word. What an adorable pup!!! Almost made me forget what you said about Eating Well!! Why don’t I know this? I subscribe.

  • Awwww he’s cute! Have you watched Dog?

  • oh, your puppy is too cute! We also adopted a rescue a few months ago. She is now 6 months old, has free reign of the couch and is not sleeping through the night 😉 I used to by wine based on the labels and will still do so for gifts 🙂

  • Newt is adorable! And I do like that wine label. 🙂

  • Liz

    Your new puppy is absolutely adorable! Lucky him to end up in such a wonderful home. I am also guilty of a cool label catching my eye and ending up in the shopping basket. After two years of almost daily cooking I find I am bored in the kitchen. We have begun to entertain again and that is helping. But I don’t feel very inspired.

  • Oh Newt is gorgeous! I get so sad thinking that some people abandon dogs, but I adore that other people adopt dogs from shelters, giving them a different life. And I totally buy wine based on nothing but the label…

  • I love Newt’s looks. I love having a dog, even though our rescue can be quite a handful at times but I wouldn’t change anything.

    As always, jealous of your gardening skills and results. It gets hot here very quickly but I can say, right now, the squash and tomatoes are doing well.

    I have a few foodie magazines as well and will take them camping, leave in the little free library.

  • What a cute puppy!! Congratulations! My husband and I have talked about getting a puppy but just haven’t taken the plunge yet. You garden starts look great. We finally got some seeds in the ground that are coming up. So at least we’ve started.

  • Newt is cute and looks like he will grow into a beautiful dog. I have a feeling he will be hanging around in the kitchen with you often.