Klaus: December’s Movies & Munchies Round Up

I hope everyone had a great holiday!   We finally celebrated last weekend after the weather and illness kept us apart.   I hope yours was merry and bright!

The December film for Movies & Munchies was Klaus, a new classic (or at least it is at our house).

While it is not a foodie film, it is full of the holiday spirit (and feuding families).  We were a small but mighty group this month.   You can read the announcement post here.

Culinary Cam starts us off with a truly plot inspired recipe:  Pickled Snapper.

But it was Jesper’s initial exchange with school teacher turned fish monger, Alva, that inspired this recipe. “Herring’s on sale!” she barks as she chases him from her classroom turned shop. Vikings were preserving their fish hauls long before refrigeration was invented or convenient. They used a basic combination of salt and vinegar. And that tradition persists today throughout all of Scandinavia. Typically it’s herring that’s used, but as I couldn’t get my hands on any herring, I used a kind of snapper.

I just think that is inspired.


Amy’s Cooking Adventures was next up with a creative dessert:  a two-faced snowman carrot cake.

Hubs and I got our biggest chuckle near the beginning of the movie when the children of the town are building what Hubs called “the murder snowman.”  Gruesome and hilarious.  Then Hubs decided I should make a “killer carrot cake” to look like the murder snowman.

Amy acknowledges that the culture of the village changes so she did a smiling and more jolly snowman for the other side.


Magical Ingredients joined us again and remembered an earlier post from a past December and The Holiday.  Another pasta dish was merited for Klaus and December 2022.

Two years back, I made this Garlicky Christmas Fettucine after watching the movie, The Holiday. The fettuccine pasta had red and green colored veggies in a white sauce. This year, during the holidays, we watched the movie, Klaus. Debra is hosting an event in our #Movies&Munchies group, and this month the selected movie was Klaus. We watch a movie and make food inspired by the movie and share it in our blog. Klaus is a great animated movie to watch with the whole family. With a clever plot by the postman to get enough mails, he learns more and helps in uniting the community too. The movie also speaks about determination, kindness, and selfless acts. ”A true selfless act always sparks another” – this message from the movie will stick to anyone for sure. It is a movie that I would recommend anyone to watch. Especially, around the holidays we watch Christmas movies and this is worth it all.

Baked Malai Paneer Pasta

I also “re-posted” an idea from a previous movie post.

Since I started this post by picturing those warm family viewings…by the fire…with hot drinks…cuddled under family-made afghans and quilts, I needed to do a somewhat traditional movie watching food.  I had already done a popcorn post for another Movies & Munchies film so I needed to amp it up a bit.

We recently visited our favorite before dinner cocktail place and tried their appetizer of Bacon-Maple Popcorn.  I decided to try my hand at this recipe.

Bacon-Maple Popcorn

So that’s it for this month’s feature film and recipes.   I apologize for the haphazardness of this post but I am now, after the family trips and festivities, laying in bed with the flu.    🙂

Happy 2023!

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