“In My Kitchen” February 2023

February is such an odd month. It’s when we start to experience the true winter blahs.  The weather turns colder and more blustery.  Spring seems like a long way off.

At least it’s short.

I really don’t have a whole lot to add for In My Kitchen this month.  (In My Kitchen is a place to highlight new gadgets, foods, kitchen decor, appliances, etc.  It’s a great place to virtually visit your friend’s kitchens from around the world.  Sherry’s Pickings hosts.)

I did buy some cool taco stands when we went to Iowa to celebrate Christmas (during New Year’s).   Mom, Sis and I usually make a trip to T.J. Maxx.

I found these colorful stands there.   I’m not sure how practical they are, but I love the colors.

I forgot to highlight a holiday gift from the January post.  Mom gifted me some bulk pectin that she buys at one of the Amish stores she loves to go to.Notice the price.  It is a lot cheaper to buy it in bulk.  I’m ready for jelly and jam making now.

I kind of created a new recipe (but more work is needed).  It’s Red Cabbage with Smoked Sausage.  I put a couple of recipes together and then just did my own thing.

We’ve been getting cabbages in almost every single farm bag.   I was beginning to have a surplus.   It was good.  I might post it later.

If you’re one of my three regular readers, you know that I also am a Yelper.   Our local elite crew was recently honored at our Yelpies.   We got some cool swag.

And I won four awards!

Five awards if you count the “500+ photos.”

For my curveball this month (besides aforementioned awards), I had to stick a Newt photo in.  

Snoozing on a cold February day.

See you in March!

5 comments to “In My Kitchen” February 2023

  • mae

    I had a taco holder of that sort long ago, when I used to buy stiff taco shells all ready to fill, but I switched to soft tortillas and it was no longer useful! It’s funny how habits morph along with food trends. I think my Mexican cooking has changed a lot.

    Good for you keeping up with Yelp. I did it intensely when it was pretty new and then sort of dropped out.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • I made jam without pectin this week. Berries, sugar and lemon juice. It is not quite as firm as it usually is but I’m trying to play around with the amount of lemon to see if I can perfect it.
    I love the taco holder. We use ours for tacos and the once-a-year hotdog we eat. The bun fits perfectly in the middle.

  • Liz

    I love the bright colors of your taco holder. It would also make a great organizer or holder for napkins.

  • And here I am in the sweltering heat, not enjoying how dark our mornings are getting 😉 Those taco stands look very versatile 🙂

  • It’s great to read your blog Eliot. I love those taco holders, very cool. I am going to read up on Yelper, if I try to do it now I might lose this comment, it happens. Sounds very interesting. Cabbages are so economical to buy here, and have so many uses in cooking. Love any kind of cabbage. Thanks sharing stuff about you.Cheers, Pauline