March 2023 “In My Kitchen”

Why is it that February always seems like the longest month?   In those short twenty-eight days, there were actually a lot going on in the kitchen.

Let’s start with Valentine’s Day.  I bought these (fairly expensive) caramels for The Hubs.  

There were some great combos in this box—ginger, numerous types of sea salt and my favorite, rosemary and truffle.

Our farm bag had some color this month:  red leaf lettuce, carrots and watermelon radishes.  

I loved those radishes!  The mixed up for some great and colorful salads.

On the practical (and inconvenient) side of things, we had to replace our garbage disposal.  

For me, it was a very easy install as all I had to do was clean out under the sink.

My Aunt made me this lovely wall hanging (that is in my kitchen).

It’s called tile work and while she tried to show me her mistakes, I cannot see any at all.


I also had to buy a new garlic press and manual can opener because they both wore out.  They were not really picture worthy.

I was remiss during January’s IMK that I didn’t show these, a gift from a dear friend.  

These Euroscrubbers are fantastic.   I would recommend and I am buying more for anytime I need to give a gift.

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For my curveball this month, I just wanted to share my 2023 Reading Challenge.

I’m five books ahead of schedule!

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