On the 11th day….

Need a last minute, easy gift.  This recipe will do.

Someone brought this treat to work last year.  It was a huge hit, but oddly enough, no one would admit to bringing it and therefore sharing the recipe.  A friend of mine and I decided to dissect the ingredients (which wasn’t hard) and figure out the amounts.  This is what we came up with:

Christmas mix
(All “measurements” are approximate.  Mix as you like!)

1 jar of dry roasted peanuts
1 ½ cup pistachios
1 and ½ packages of Craisins
1 pkg. white chocolate chips
1 pkg. cherry flavored chips
1 pkg. Swirl chips (The holiday red and green swirls if you can find them.)

Ready for gift bags.

As you can see, I could not find swirl chips in holiday colors so I used Christmas M&Ms instead.

Store in a sealed container.  (And, please, don’t be stingy with the recipe!)
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