Farmers’ Markets: Please Support!

You know we love Farmers’  Markets and try to make at least one market when we travel.  Our top three markets thus far have to be Santa Fe, Kansas City and Birmingham.  We have a large urban Farmers’  Market in a nearby city that is quickly hopping to the top of the list.   So, we could drive twenty miles into the city every Saturday and have a wonderful time sipping coffee bought from a street vendor, munch on some decadent croissants from another vendor, leisurely stroll through the tents, do some fabulous people watching, and basically blow a whole morning.

Or, we could drive two miles into our hometown and visit our smaller market which really needs support.  Lately, we have been doing just that.  Produce and product wise, we can still get everything we desire.  And, we are making some new friends and contacts.

Last weekend, we had places to go and miles to drive and not much time to waste.  We got up early and went to our local market.  This is what we spotted first:

Red Robin Cherry Tomato

Our favorite vendor, whom we refer to as Grandma because she is the matriarch of a local family farm/ranch/greenhouse/nursery, had an entire tray of these cute little plants.   They look like banzai tomato plants and they were each COVERED with tomatoes.  To give you an indication of just how petite they are—

For perspective, that is a grande size latte.

We had to have one.  One of my husband’s colleagues is a master gardener (and a couple of other colleagues fancy themselves as such) so he has made it his mission to “freak them out” with plants that he chooses for his office.   This one was on its way to his west window.

Grandma Linda (from the farmers’ market) told us that this is a great container plant and will have tomatoes on it all season.

I can just see him now, plucking a couple of ripe tomatoes off this little plant and adding them to his lunch salad.

We love seeing the same vendors every weekend at our local market and we try to buy at least something from each produce vendor.  This week we purchased cherry tomatoes, beets, and green beans.  This will keep us focused on eating fresh and healthy all week.

So far this week,  we have had Roasted Baby Beat Salad with Goat Cheese.  I am dying to replicate (or try to) Stephanie Izard’s Green Beans with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette and I have a few pasta ideas for the cherry tomatoes.

I am worried about our little market so we will make our Saturday (and Wednesday) jaunts into town to support it.

They are doing their best to stay afloat and are hosting salsa contests and kids days.   I wish I knew what to do to help!  The only thing I can think of is a coffee and pastry vendor!   I know that would keep me from having to swing by Starbucks before I go every week!

Make the market a Saturday ritual.  In fact, take the kids TOMORROW.  Visit with the vendors and buy fresh,  local,  and healthy food!

Thanks for listening!



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