Favorite kitchen tools

Please forgive the “Best Burger”  rants of the past three posts.

I am over it.

Now, I am feverishly planning everyday for what to take to our borrowed lake house.  (See this post for Lemon-Blueberry Spice Muffins that I have stored away in the freezer for our trip.)   I have lists of magazines and books (mostly foodie ones) and now I am thinking about essential kitchen tools that I can’t live without.  My friend (whose house we are borrowing) is a confident cook and baker so I know there will ample tools to use, but I have my favorites.

My Shun Kaji knife.

If I could only take one thing to a deserted island, I would take this knife.  Have I cut myself?  Absolutely.  It is so sharp that I will not let anyone use it.  It is essential!

My citrus reamer.

I first saw a wooden citrus reamer like this on the old PBS cooking show, The Frugal Gourmet.  I wanted one as soon as I saw it, even though I was only twelve.  (Incidentally, I still want the brass looking pepper mill that he used.)  This will definitely go into our Lake House Box before we leave.  I am sure that we will utilize this tool for a few cocktails.

My mini silicon prep bowls.

I found these at Tuesday Morning last year.  I bought a set for my mom and then went back and bought another set for me.  They really help me pre-plan when baking.  They are so cute and colorful that I love to pre-measure and have all of my ingredients ready to go.

More prep bowls, but these are multi-talented.

I got these bowls at Pryde‘s on our last trip to KC.   Not only are they prep bowls, they are also measuring cups.  And, for the piece de resistance, they can pour.

Just pinch and pour. I love these little things.

And, in an ideal world I would take my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, my Cuisinart, my blender, and my new oven.  But, oh well, I guess we will be “roughin’  it”  at the lake cabin.

I am sure we will survive.   I can’t wait to relax on the deck with a cold drink and watch the boats speed by.


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