Fourteen pounds of blueberries

It is that time of year—the time of year when the delivery from Bithell Farms hits town.    For the past two years, we have received wonderful blueberries and dark sweet cherries from this purveyor.   All of the fruit is frozen fresh and shipped frozen.

This year, we ordered red raspberries too.  I hope to make some jam for Christmas.    (The cherries were in big demand this year apparently, but we are hoping to get half a box from the sister of a friend.)

After posting my apology for yesterday’s post, I just took my fourteen pound box of blueberries and split it up into quart sized sealable bags.

What’s on tap for these berries?

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Greek honey yogurt, and blueberries. (Hopefully, you can appreciate the size of these beauties.)

After breakfast,  I need to make some muffins for some upcoming morning meetings.

That’s a lot of blueberries.

11 comments to Fourteen pounds of blueberries

  • Eliot! I can’t believe this… last post it was paprika, today it’s oatmeal!! We are clearly residing in the same cosmic space – how cool is that. I would love to receive a delivery of gorgeous blueberries right about now. With a little swirl of yogurt on your morning oats, hard to beat that kind of goodness!

  • BLUEBERRY HEAVEN! Whoa. So how much does that many blueberry cost? At supermarket prices, I shudder to imagine, but am hoping you get a good deal!

    • Eliot

      They were pretty pricey but they are soooo good. The quality is unbelievable. (But, I think it is cheaper than if we had bought 14 lbs. at the grocery store.)

  • Nothing like good quality berries and plenty of them. Guess you are on the schedule for a real berrython in the kitchen. To me, berries are acceptable all year round, to bad most people only use them in the summer. Looking forward to some tasty posts from you with all these berries! Yum!

  • 14 pounds, did you say 14 pounds? That’s a whole lotta blueberries….are we expecting a blueberry-palooza to come up?

  • Ooo looks so delicious!! 🙂

  • Ann

    Ooh, yum We just found a pick-your-own place and I’m going to get blueberries in the spring. I’ve decided that I MUST try blueberry jam!

  • And my husband thinks I buy alot of fruit, lol. I’m not sure I would know what to do with fourteen pounds of blueberries, but I know my husband would be happy if I made blueberry pancakes every day for the next year 🙂

  • 14 pounds? Wow, that’s a lot of blueberries. I look forward to hearing what you’re doing with them!