Some more gift ideas, but not from the kitchen

I have referenced our “homemade gift rule” with the adults in my family before.   We can only give homemade gifts (although my mom takes liberty with this and fudges quite a bit).

We did buy toys that were on the nieces’ and nephews’ wish lists this year, everything from Legos to Kinect 360 games, but one item on my niece’s list stumped me—a striped owl.  I searched Amazon, but with every view I kept thinking, “I could make that.”    Off to the fabric store I went.

That was dangerous.   All the patterns were on sale for only ninety-nine cents so my Christmas gift-giving brain went into overdrive.   I bought three patterns and fabric to make not only the striped owl, but a stuffed chicken, birds, and aprons.

I had forgotten how difficult and tedious some toy patterns can be.  But, I persevered and have presents for two nieces, the nephews, and mom and my sister.

I love the “striped owl” but that is one funky looking chicken.

I put a couple of patterns together to make my angry bird characters.   Who does the yellow bird resemble?

My angry bird characters.

Yes, Bert from Sesame Street!   🙂

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Back to more cooking gift ideas tomorrow.

Note:  As I was struggling with all the owls, chickens, and angry birds, what was I listening to?  Ironically enough, This American Life was airing its annual Poultry Slam!  🙂

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